Membership Drive Under Way To Make 2006 The Best Year Ever For Trailmasters

The trailsmen Rod & Gun Club would like the public to attend our Kids fish pond and membership drive at the Hanmer Shopping Centre on Feb., 10,11 2006.  Lear more about the many programs that our club has to offer and bring your kids to fish for prizes.

Below is a short resume of our club.

Our Organization:

The (Trailsmen Rod and Gun Club) began in 1966 and was incorporated in 1977, The Junior Trailsmen Rod and Gun Club started in, 1974. We teach conservation of Wild life, Forest, Water, fish and ethical hunting.  At this time we have 80 members.

Our Community Also Includes:

Children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Our programs are as follows:


Fundraising:  This year we will hold our annual banquet and Live & Silent Auction on March 25, 2006 at the knights of Columbus Hall at ( 2046 Regional Rd. 15). If you wish to attend this event please contact Rolland Frappier at 897-2478 or Paul Gelineau at 983-2137 .


Our Club House: In 2005 we built a wheelchair ramp and deck so that people with disabilities could participate in all of our programs including our walleye hatchery. We also now have a people with disabilities wash room inside the club house.

bulletTrailsmen Rod& Gun Club Environmental Award: Each year we award a $500.00 bursary to a second year student enrolled in an outdoor/ environmental program. For the past five years we have given a bursary to Cambrian College and this year we added College Boreal.
bulletHatchery 2005: We started our hatchery in 2000 to date we have hatched approximately 3,000,000 walleye fry. Again this year we hope to use an electro fishing boat From DFO for the collection of our walleye culture. We normally run with about 800,000 walleye eggs in the hatchery.
bulletRearing Ponds: We have been raising walleye in our walleye rearing ponds for the past 15 years and have stocked hundred of thousands walleye fingerlings in 15 deferent water bodies in the Sudbury district.
bulletAir Rifle Range: The air rifle range was created in 2001 for girls and boys aged 8 to 12 years old.  This program was created in order to teach gun safety and integrate young children into the pleasures of hunting.  In the year 2005, we hope to have young people with disabilities integrated in to the air rifle program.

Trout Pond: In 2001 we began our People with Disabilities Trout Pond and it is by far our most rewarding program to date. We built a deck onto this pond so that people with disabilities could access the trout pond. In 2004 the group ICAN (Independence Centre and Network) participated in this program 10 times. We supply the fishing gear and provide them with a barbeque lunch; this program is of no cost to the participants. The MNR staff Brenda Harrow and Keith Scott provided the splake for this program (“People with Disabilities Trout Pond)”.  Approximately 170 trout where caught by the ICAN group. Also many of the member’s children and grand children and senior’s enjoyed trout fishing.   


Take a kid-fishing program: This program has been in place since 1985. This program consists of taking 10 children, from single parent families, out fishing for the day... The event includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each participating child also receives a fishing rod and tackle box filled with tackle that they get to keep.


Annual FAMILY DAY: In August we have our annual family day, this is for the members and their families to come out and enjoy a day without working. We play games and have competitions.  It consists of archery tournament, fishing in our trout pond, air rifle tournament and Texas horse shoes. All the events, prizes and food are provided at no cost to all club members and their families, as an appreciation for all their hard work during the year.


Contributions: We also contribute to the elk restoration program and the turkey transplant program in Noelville.  Our club has been active in the tree planting programs in the Sudbury Region.  To date we have planted 75,000 trees and that number is still climbing.  We have also built numerous wildlife-nesting structures on various ponds in the Sudbury district.


Walleye Spawning Bed Enhancement Program:  We completed a new walleye spawning bed on Whitson Lake .  This project will required 7-8 tandem loads of river rock placed strategically in a 40-foot radius in front of the big culvert off of LakeShore Drive in Val Caron.

Reaching out to members of our community:

Our organization reaches out to members of the community that are isolated and traditionally not involved in our activities by encouraging these members to join us as we collect eggs on the shores of Whitson Lake, which is easily accessible by people with disabilities.  Schools and the general public are also invited to visit the hatchery and witness, for the first time the hatching, rearing, and restocking of area lakes.  The viable fishery that our organization has created within the Greater City of Sudbury has provided easy access to fishing for the elderly and the disabled.

We have also created a new committee made up of people with disabilities and some of our other members to help us understand their needs within our organization. In doing so our property is now more accessible for people with physical disabilities so they are able to participate in all of our programs.

We work with the following groups:

1.       The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

2.       Sudbury Fish and Game Protective Association

3.        Copper Cliff Rod & Gun Club

4.       Azilda Rearing ponds Club

5.       Chelmsford Fish and Game Association

6.       ICAN (Independence Centre and Network)

7.       Ironside Lake Campers Association

8.       Whitson Campers Association

9.       Ministry of Natural Resources

10.   Elk Restoration Foundation

11.   Turkey Restoration Group

12.   Persona Communications

13.   Inco

14.   Greater City of Sudbury

15.   Laurention University

16.     NOFCC


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