An Outside Perspective On Valley East From A Young Family That Is Part Of The Club

Vito Signorile is shown with his 3-year old son, Anthony, who has just caught a “prize” at the Childrens’ Fish Pond which was part of a display set up at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre by the Trailsmen Rod & Gun Club.

Vito and his wife, Roxanne, are typical of young families who are moving in to the City of Greater Sudbury from larger centers to the south. In fact, their youngest child, Nicholas, who is only a year old, was born after they moved.

Born and raised in Toronto , Vito and his wife, who was originally from Longlac, lived in King City , generally considered to be a relatively good place for a young family.

“It is just so congested and busy in Southern Ontario ,” explained Vito when asked why they decided to come north. “Even in King City , we found that it wasn’t a place where we wanted to raise a family. Both my wife and I had to work to keep up the mortgage and other expenses, and we simply decided that it was more important for us to have a  much higher quality of life as a family.”

When they decided to sell their home and move to the Greater Sudbury Area, there was no question where they wanted to settle. “ Valley East is the ideal community for us. It has that “small town” feeling where everyone is so friendly to each other and you can say hello to perfect strangers. There is a great community spirit compared to what we were able to find in the south. It is a place where you can get involved in just about anything and people are just so open and accepting.”

With family life being so important, Vito and Roxanne found that they could even meet their financial obligations with only one income. “We decided that our kids were our top priority, and in Valley East we can afford to live on one income. Having Roxanne as a stay-at-home mom is such a benefit to living in this area. It is something that we couldn’t do if we were still in King City . Now, we don’t have to worry about bring our children to a day care at 7 in the morning, or leaving work early when we get a phone call during the day that our kids are sick. These are very important things to us and in Valley East we are allowed to live the life we want without suffering at all.”

The Signorile’s are the kind of new members that the Trailsmen Rod and Gun Club are trying to attract. “My wife and I love the outdoors and we wanted to get involved with a group where we would meet a lot of people with similar interests. So when we moved here two years ago we joined the Trailsmen Rod & Gun Club. It is something that I would recommend to anyone with children.”

It is always nice to get a fresh perspective on the community spirit that exists in Valley East . At times, people who have lived in the area for a long time lose site of how much we have to be thankful for in this town. Perhaps Vito put it all into proper perspective when he said, “I can even leave my car unlocked here.”


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