Our Lady of Peace 2005 Christmas Basket Winners 

Lise Gladu, shown filling out a ballot at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, was one of the hundreds of people who purchased tickets on a chance to win one of three beautiful Gift Baskets which were being drawn during the Annual Christmas Tea & Bazaar which was held at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church in Capreol on November 6. Violet Mazzuca, shown at the end of the table, and her sister Lenore D’Appalonia, have been responsible for making the baskets and selling the tickets for “as long as anyone can remember”. 

Helping Violet on this day in the mall was Vi’s good friend, Jean Smagac, sitting at the table. 

The winners of the three baskets were Ray Laferierre, Joey Frawley and Daniel Courtemanche. 

On behalf of Our Lady of Peace, Violet and Lenore want to thank everyone who generously purchased tickets on the baskets this year. 

The funds raised will be put to good use in the Parish.


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