A Day Of Fun In The Outdoor Kitchen For The Giroux Girls

The St. Jacques Parish St. Jean de Baptiste Annual Picnic was an excellent opportunity for the Giroux family to get in some good, quality time together. In the photo, Marie-Marthe Giroux, in the middle, is showing her daughters, Janelle on the left and Amelie on the right how to make sure those hamburgers and hot dogs are done to perfection. Hundreds of visitors enjoyed “one dollar” hot dogs and burgers in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the parish.

In the photo below, J.P. Belanger, President of the Parish Council on the left, and Georges Boudreau, President of the Centennial Committee, take time to reflect upon the success of the annual picnic.

“It’s more about community-building than it is about fund-raising,” stated Belanger when discussing the picnic. “We will make a bit of money during the weekend, and that money will be put to good use for the parish, but this gives us a good opportunity to bring the parishioners together and extend an invitation to the rest of the community to join with us in celebration. We are 100 years old this year, and we have a lot of history to celebrate.”



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