The HOWARD ARMSTRONG RECREATION CENTRE offers something for the entire family. Continuing on our tour of attractions in Valley East, we want to bring you a photo album of the outside facilities at the Howard Armstrong Recreation Centre located at the corner of Dominion Drive and Elmview Street.
The children will enjoy to modern playground equipment and on hot summer days will surely want to spend a lot of time cooling off in our wonderful spash park. There is a gazebo in the middle, which we are expecting will soon have a picnic table installed for parents to sit in the shade and watch the children. There is also plenty of shade under the trees where families can be found sitting on a blanket enjoying a picnic lunch. This one space alone will give you at least an hour or two of fun and healthy recreation.
You can then walk around the complex and enjoy the beautiful trees along the walkway. The memorial is at the corner of the building. There is a basketball net in the back parking lot where there is always a game going on. If you like racquet ball, there are several courts at the back of the building that will allow you to enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun playing this invigorating sport.
The soccer fields are an immense expanse of place to run and have fun for all ages. There is a second little playground area beside the soccer fields. And what better way to spend 30 or 40 minutes than taking a walk along the Howard's Nature Trail that starts beside the playground. If you are looking for hours of family-friendly fun, consider the Howard Armstrong Recreation Centre.   
Make sure you take some time to go through the photo album provided below so that you get a good idea of the wide range of activities that you can enjoy outside the complex. The interior offers you an even greater aray of recreational activities from swimming, running on the indoor track, working out in the fitness room, or relaxing in a sauna or hot tub.

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