A very special event is being organized across the entire City of Greater Sudbury and one of our own community leaders, Pastor Jason Tripp of the Valleyview Community Church is one of the main organizers. This is something that Valley East is going to be taking the lead on as well and we will be hearing much more about Elevate Sudbury in the coming weeks. Jason was interviewed on "Breakfast With Brad & Leanne" this morning.

You can listen to the interview from the link below.




Pastor Jason Tripp of the Valley View Community Church, located in Blezard Valley, is one of the coordinators of a new initiative that has evolved from another event that was known as Celebrate in the Park and will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year. The one day event has now grown to something that will better meet the needs of a the much broader community of Greater Sudbury and will include the coordination of not only the churches throughout the region but also the Community Action Networks, the Ward Councillors, and other schools and organizations that are interested in making Greater Sudbury a better place to live and improving the quality of life for everyone.

Making our community a better place to live is a priority for local residents living in Valley East and we are encouraging each and ever family to get involved in some small way on June 7.

A number of leaders from the churches and the community have come together to “elevate” others to looking out for ways that we can collectively serve the people around us. It is something that is intended to provide the motivation and inspiration to many people throughout the community in all of the Wards to “do something”, even if it is just cleaning up the front of your yard, picking up garbage in the neighbourhood park, holding a fund-raiser for a charity, or organizing a study group or meeting in the community.

The focus of the weekend will be Saturday, June 7, 2014 which will be the day that everyone starts out on their particular project or mission. Between now and then individuals and groups can get involved in Elevate by starting to formulate your plans and getting your group together. Start preparing for your new project or initiative and plan on getting under way on June 7. This does not need to be a one day project. It could be the start of a continuous initiative or something that you have already been doing, but you can use June 7 as a new launch or boost day.

There is also a Comedy Night fundraiser being held on Thursday, May 8 at Glad Tidings Church with tickets going for $10. The proceeds will be used to help fund the Elevate Weekend activities. I will provide you with a poster that will give you more information about the Comedy Night.

You can find out more by watching a short video that Pastor Jason Tripp has put together to explain what Elevate Sudbury is all about. Take time to look at this short video and see what you can do to one of our own community leaders from Valley East.


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