• Evolutionary Band - Outdoor Concert At the Hanmer Mall

2007 Farewell Performance By Evolutionary Band Leaves No Doubt In Anyone's Mind About The Tremendous Talent Among These Young Musicians, Performers & Crew



Kyle Benoit
Lindsey Brassard
Lianna Caron
Kyla Carter
Kyle Constanineau
Quinton Jones
Danielle Kennedy
Jennifer Kirkbride
Keefer Lynds
Maria Manoloudakis
Julia MacEachern
Ryan Rafuse
Nathan Simpson
Perry Willey



Sarah Bernstein
Jessica Cardinal
Dylan Elofson
Kory Hawes
Vicky Little
Harlee Niemi
Bayleigh Rowlands
Eric VandenHeuvel


Sam Christiensen
Veronica Ranger
Katelynn Stamplecoski
Courtney Tattersall



Stage Crew Manager
Stephanie Kirkbride
Megan Decaire
Alex Tkachuck
Guitar Tech
Kayla O'Hearn
Special Effects
Kaitlin Pacione
Rachel Crigger

Keenen Foster
Michelle Carscadden

Light Board
Jenna Thomson
Stephanie Olivier

Jason Ferlotte
Confederation Secondary School's Famous Evolutionary Band closed out their 2006-2007 season with a spectacular OUTDOOR CONCERT in the parking lot of the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre on Saturday June 2, 2007. Above, Music Director, Norm McIntosh is shown supervising the set up of the stage and backdrop. Each of the more than 25 members of the band have specific jobs to do in order to get everything ready for the performance. Brenda Stobo, publicity director for the band is with Norm helping out with last-minute preparations.
Once the truck was unloaded it was "all hands on deck" lifting the stage into place. The whole set up process takes approximately two hours, including a pre-concert rehearsal and warm-up.
A few minutes after two o'clock in the afternoon, the clouds disappeared and the sun came out as if on cue as the lead singers, Veronica Ranger, Katelynn Stamplecoski, Courtney Tattersall and Samantha Christiansen lead the "Evolutionary Team" onto the stage to begin a set that lasted almost an hour and a half. It was the beginning of one of the most memorable performances this town has ever seen.
This concert provided an opportunity for an estimated 600 people to see these talented young performers in action. Some remained for the entire show, while others watched for 20 minutes or so under the hot mid-day sun. 
Evolutionary has performed underground setting a Guinness World Record and they are going to be the subject of a major film documentary, some of the footage which was filmed during the concert. 
This band has inspired students throughout the region to improve their reading and develop a positive attitude towards things such as anti-bullying and literacy. 
All who saw the concert were absolutely impressed with the professionalism displayed by the students who performed non-stop for almost 90 minutes on one of the hottest, most humid days of the year.      
The high-energy concert was action-packed from start to finish as one of the lead singers, Courtney Tattersall belted out song after song, jumping and dancing her way across the hot pavement to the delight of the appreciating audience. Courtney demonstrated to all in attendance that this is one young lady with tremendous talent who loves to be on "center-stage".
Despite the tremendous heat of one of the most humid days of the summer, the performers continued this extremely torrid pace right to the end. In this photo you can see in the background, from the left, Katelynn Stamplcoski, Veronica Ranger, Samantha Christiansen while Courtney Tattersall dances in front performing one of their action-packed songs. On the stage we have Vicky Little on guitar and  Jessica Cardinal on the drums.
One of the last songs of the day saw Courtney Tattersall and Samantha Christiansen giving their best performances of the afternoon, despite being almost completely exhausted from the heat. Katelynn Stamplcoski and Veronica Ranger are seated with their backs to the camera.
Above, Veronica Ranger, Samantha Christiansen, Courtney Tattersall, and Katelynn Stamplecoski are shown during one of their quieter moments for a change of pace.
Jessica Cardinal did a solo demonstration of how talented she is on the drums. This delighted the audience.
Norm McIntosh spent the entire performance assisting Megann Decaire and Alex Tkachuck on the sound board, making sure that the music was perfect for the venue, which was one of the few outdoor concerts every performed by Evolutionary. Together they made sure that the sound produced by the members of the band was spectacular. Stephanie Kirkbride, Stage Crew Manager can be seen in the background behind Norm. Stephanie is the manager of the all-important stage crew who make sure that the performers are working in the best conditions possible.
Ron Roy of Action Sudbury presented a cheque for $1000 to Evolutionary to help in promoting the No Drinking and Driving message to students. The cheque was accepted on behalf of Evolutionary by Sam Christiansen. 
Renee Lefebvre, on the left, and Ron Roy, both of Action Sudbury, presented a $500 bursary cheque to Stephanie Kirkbride, Stage Crew Manager,  to help in her future studies at post-secondary school.
The end of the concert came all too quickly for the hundreds of fans who were watching. Much to the delight of the audience, Courtney Tattersall "let it all out" closing out the show with some of the  most high-energy performances of the afternoon. Accompanying Courtney on the horns were Danielle Kennedy, Maria Manoloudakis, Bayleigh Rowlands, and Harlee Niemi.


Norm McIntosh was pleased with the show and was very proud of the way Confed's Evolutionary Band was able to withstand the heat and conditions to deliver one of their most impressive shows of the season. For Norm, it marked the end of another long, exhausting, and yet most satisfying school year working with some truly remarkable young men and women who came through in the crunch time after time all year long.
For the performers, this has been a very special year that they will never forget. Playing the instruments, from the left are: Jennifer Kirkbride, Lindsey Brassard, Perry Willey, Nathen Simpson, Kyle Constantineau, Danelle Kennedy, Julia MacEachern. Sitting on the stage, from the left are lead singers, Veronica Ranger, Katelynn Stamplecoski, Sam Christiansen, and Courtney Tattersall.
Katelynn Stamplecoski, Courtney Tattersall, Sam Christiansen and Jessica Ranger - an afternoon we won't forget for a long time.





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