City Council Can't Run Away From The De-Amalgamation Movement - It is Time To Allow A Referendum On The Issue

Robert Kirwan is shown in the photo with Cecile Coutu discussing a referendum petition that has been started as a result of the total frustration of ratepayers, understands and supports people in Ward 6 who want to put de-amalgamation on the ballot. He has offered his office at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre as a drop-off site for people who are out collecting signatures on referendum documents. Any that are dropped off will be given to Cecile when they are brought in.

A very vocal and passionate group of citizens from various areas of the City are committed to working together to continue to put pressure on City Council to change its mind and include the question of de-amalgamation on the ballot in November. In addition to the written petitions, visitors to Valley East Today may also submit their votes as part of the online referendum that follows:





Here are some of the comments that have been submitted by local residents who are in favour of holding a referendum on the issue of de-amalgamation:

I am in favor of separating from the City of Sudbury.  I have been a life long resident of the Valley and have seen things only get worse.  At Christmas we have lights that hang off of street lights that don't work for most of the season.  We have sub par snow plowing.  In the summer we are subject to huge pot holes.  LaSalle blvd is getting new sidewalks and I have to drive over half finished construction jobs on Radar Road and ruin the shocks and struts on my car. I also have a little park off of Roy street that has graffiti on the slide and the slide is blocked off because of kids damaging the slides. It's time for a change.

Absolutely !

I believe that Valley East should be a city, as it was for a couple of months.  I believe we would have better service, and could do it with out raising taxes.

Itís about time they ask us what we think!!!

Yes I am in favor of a De-amalgamation for Valley East (our own city)

I support a referendum on de-amalgamation.  The only advantage I have seen is the lower bus fare to Sudbury .

Yes we definitely need a divorce from the greater city of Sudbury . Valley East/Capreol will be fine on its own.

Definitely  yes, right away.

I would like there to be a referendum on de-amalgamation.

Yes for goodness sakes get us away from Sudbury .  All they are doing is using our money for their own use.  Ploughs forget about us in the winter.

I have to say I'm very glad you're addressing this. As a student needing to travel to Laurentian University and back all year, the effects of the amalgamation do get noticed. #1-The public transportation. According to me and many other people who do travel to and from the Valley on a regular basis, the bus needs some serious improvement. The long gaps between buses makes for quite a few inconveniences and if you miss one, you have to wait an hour or more for the next one. #2- The winter road maintenance. I never understood why only certain side streets got plowed and others don't... Or why the plows only go by once a week on some streets and everyday on others... Needless to say, for many reasons, I believe deamalgamation would be beneficial to us all and cannot tell you how relieved I am as many of my friends and family are that things might be improved.

I think that Sudbury has forgotton about the  amalgamated  towns like valley east capreol and val caron and hanmer hanmer lost 5 million dollars that valley east has saved for future  programs to up grade the township snow plow  grader .none of the roads have be new paved all pavment was done in Sudbury proper and roads rebuilt including the sewers in Sudbury repaired our coucillors in Sudbury think only Sudbury proper and don,t seems to want to look at the outlining amalgamated towns and cities .I am voting for the referendum yes because we have lost a lot from amalgamation and if we have anymore of the above that the serviced promised by amalgamation . look at the heavy taxes regional Sudbury is getting from the many new homes  being built at this time in hanmer and val caron ;these homes are all big homes valued at 2hundred and fifty thousand dollars  can you imagine Sudbury proper is going to do with this money from these heavy taxes .there is now a referendum to deamalgamate  and if we the people living in hanmer  don,t vote for same than they will be only  loosers unhapper tax payer in hanmer.

 I moved to the valley in 2000. After the city of sudbury took over my taxes have more than doubled plus I have a water bill added. I have seen no improvements at all in the valley. The roads are in bad condition and a lot of services have been dropped. The only reason for amalgamation was so that Sudbury could grab tax money from valley residents to solve their financial problems and now we're all in a mess. Its good to know we have people working for the city that make over 100,000 per year. I sure hope they're enjoying my hard earned money. I say that we separate and keep our tax money local.

We should definitely have a referendum on de-amalgamation.  I haven't met one person yet who wanted amalgamation in the first place.

After being away from the area for over 10 years, I recently purchased a house in Capreol. I am shocked at how much the little village has deteriorated. There seems to be a complete lack of pride anymore and when we look around at the roads and the services, no wonder! The taxes and utility bills are off the wall and yet you cannot put out more than 2 bags of garbage or else you will be charged! What are those high tax dollars buying for the home owners in outlying areas? Iwould love to know what has actually gotten better since we became part of The Greater City. Can anyone tell me?

Yes please right away.

I would defiantly vote yes to de-amalgamation as a resident of Capreol for 17 years and the only thing that has improved in Capreol since we became part of the greater city of Sudbury is a better busing system. The snow clearing of our streets is appalling and the worse I have ever seen in the 6 different cityís I have lived in. Water in Capreol used to be free, and now is almost as expensive as hydro. This is a real sore spot with many in town. This town was better maintained and better serviced on itís own. I think the expense of turning back the clock would be worth it in the long run. Or Perhaps a better quality of counselors would help the situation.

Iím not sure what the problem is. I can't understand why this Council would be so hesitant to put this question to a vote unless they are really not willing to deal with the answer.  

Hurry up with the vote, but then again we know there will never be one, because what ever the  big chief's want they get, it doesn't matter how us little people feel.   They might have to give back the money they took on us when they  amalgamated, and I am sure Capreol would love to get there items back as well.  WE GOT A ROTTEN DEAL

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