Madeleine & Bob Collier



Upon entering the back yard of Madeleine and Bob Collier, you are immediately brought back to your childhood days and the imagination takes over. Your eyes are captivated by the wonderful Gnome Village. Little people, animals, birds and structures of all sizes and shapes demand your attention. A child's wonderland!

Madeleine, a dedicated and proficient crafter of ceramics, has painted each and every piece of the quaint village...with a little help from her daughters Debbie and Linda, who have also picked up on their parent's natural talents. Having taken her 10 years to complete the village, Madeleine now says "itís finished...Iím not doing anymore". Bob, in his own right, does masterful woodworking, and has constructed all the wooden structures... bridges/houses...for the village. What a delightful sight for your eyes to behold!

Sitting back on a hot summerís day, if you watch closely enough your imagination will carry you into the lives of the Gnomes and youíll be enchanted forever.

Not only does Madeleine bring life to her outside garden, she also has a magnificent Christmas Village that spreads over a 4 foot by 9 foot area, complete with moving train, street lights, carolers, houses and trees. Oh, and donít forget all those hand painted Snow Babies that completely cover her Dining Room Christmas tree.

Somehow, after seeing the twinkle in her eye and hearing her loving voice as she proudly shows you the village, I think itís safe to say, "No, Madeleine, I donít think youíre finished". There is definitely one more Gnome out there that will catch her eye, and sheíll have to add it to the winsome scene. Iím sure she will be found during the long, cold winter down in her craft room bringing just one more figure to life.


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