Raymonde Dixon


Upon seeing the enchanting, fenced in pond and garden area of Raymonde Dixon, from the Golden Years Seniors complex, your mind conjures up images of long ago when you were nestled safely in bed and that favorite person was reading Fairy Tales to help you fall asleep. This lovely garden and pond were developed five years ago by Raymonde. She says she doesnít know what made her get into gardening, as she never had interest in it before. Raymondeís garden, however, has a different twist to it. Her pond is home, every summer, to a pair of ducks which brings a totally different aspect to the garden! This year she purchased the pair from a local farmer, but in the past few years she actually received them in the mail at only a day old! She keeps them under heat lamps until their feathers grow in and the temperature outside warms up. You can usually see the ducks swimming around some time after May 24th.

When asked if they winter over very well, Raymonde coyly smiled and said "I keep them until Thanksgiving". It didnít take me long to realize what she meant. Having been raised on a farm itís natural for her to see this "life to plate" reality played out each year. She also mentions that she knows exactly what her Thanksgiving dinner has eaten. Perhaps itís fitting that the ducks are named "Tim Bit" and "Nugget".

The pond has also been home to numerous goldfish, minnows and plants over the years. Raymonde said she finally stopped adding such things, as the ducks make short work of it all. All you see now in the pond is artificial plant life, which thankfully, the ducks havenít acquired a taste for...yet! Thereís also a lot of work involved in keeping the ducks. The water in the three foot deep pond has to be changed three times each year. Luckily Raymonde has a Point Depth that allows her the freedom to change the water often without worrying about her water bill.

Before anyone wonders, Raymonde has checked with City officials and thereís absolutely no by-law against having ducks in your yard. Actually, youíre also allowed to have horses!

The beautifully planted front garden at Golden Years is planted and taken care of by Raymondeís 81 year old father...and there isnít a weed in sight!

If anyone would like to discuss the pond and ducks with Raymonde, please feel free to contact her at gyrh@on.aibn.com.


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