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Evergreen Gardens is the creation of Valerie Kirwan, a resident of Val Therese since March 1974. Since the early 90's, Valerie has been adding a few different 'centres' in her yard each year. As a result, she has created a nature wonderland filled with approximately 8 self-contained water fountain/ponds which attract dozens of species of birds over the summer months. Each centre portrays a unique theme with a variety of plants to complement the fountain or pond. When you look at the photos in Evergreen Gardens you will be personally motivated to go outside to work your own creative magic. Valerie offers excellent tips on how you can take everyday items from your yard or garage and turn them into beautiful water displays. Recycling and making use of what you have available is the key to Valerie's success. 
Valerie has also come across many other amateur gardeners in Valley East who have done fantastic work in their own yards. Some may only have a single small centre in the yard, but that one small centre is beautiful and should be shared with the rest of the community on this site. Regardless of whether you have a dozen different displays or just one or two, Valerie encourages you to contact her so that she can make arrangements to visit you and take a photo or two to be posted on this site. Everyone who has created something of which they are proud in their own yard is invited to become part of the Valley East Online Pond & Garden Tour. 
This is not a competition. There won't be any prizes awarded. All we want is the opportunity to share in the pleasure of the beautiful scenery which is often hidden away in the backyards of the homes in Valley East.
Your privacy will be respected and we will make sure that your address is not posted on the site without your permission. We just want to let the rest of the world see the natural beauty that exists in Valley East.
If you have any questions, or if you would like to talk to Valerie about taking photos of your pond and/or garden, please contact her by email at:

Visit Valerie Kirwan's Official Garden Web Site - Evergreen Gardens


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