Ed & Eliane Kohansky




Little did Eliane Kohansky realize three years ago, that the continued "bugging" of her husband Ed, to put in a small pond would unleash a creative genius! Ed has been going strong ever since creating the many intriguing venues located throughout their wonderful Hanmer property. He said it only took Eliane two weeks with the smaller pond to realize that she wanted much more.

After retirement, Eliane said they travelled for 5 or 6 years. Having been to the West coast a couple times and down to the East coast, they decided to stay home and start enjoying their yard. The marvellous surroundings in the Kohansky yard can keep one busy for hours walking to and from each lovely garden station to the next, taking you from one imagination filled scene to another. Ed has handcrafted everything you see in the yard, including the enchanting house that is home to Little Red Riding Hoodís grandma! Make sure to watch out for the wolf awaiting you at the door.

Eliane, who helps with the work, gives all the creative credit to Ed. He says he canít sit still for too long before he gets another idea. Proof in point, is the lovely new shade garden that they are presently working on under some impressive spruce trees. According to Ed and Eliane, this was to be next springís project, but after sitting in the cozy screened in tent for a tad too long, they decided "why wait?"

All the life-like cement creatures that are located throughout the garden were brought from Saskatchewan on a trailer last summer. Among them are a huge 400 pound Elk which found a home in their front flower bed....not to mention the Deer family, sheep and fairies. The list goes on and on. In fact, Ed and Eliane are planning another trip this summer to pick up more of the irresistible creatures to add life to other areas of their backyard. Included, is a big bear which already has a spot picked out for it in the new shade garden.

Ed and Eliane said they had no idea things would take off the way they have just from one little pond. We can only imagine what Edís creative mind will conjure up over the upcoming winter months, and we look forward to seeing the fruits of that creative thinking.


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