Carmen & Jean Leduc


Walking down the path along side of Carmen and Jean Leducís home in Val Caron, doesnít prepare you for the surprise that awaits when you open the beautiful iron garden gate. Once inside their backyard, the feeling of being at some southern resort immediately comes to the forefront. The gorgeous pool catches the eye and beckons one to dip their toes into the cool water on a hot summer day. Jean says it was originally an above ground pool, but 4 years ago they decided to turn it into an inground. Zoe just couldn't resist posing by the pool for the camera lens.

All the iron trellises, arches and gates in the Leduc yard, were made my Jean himself, a welder. The intricate grapevine covered trellis pictured above, could stand alone as a piece of art without anything growing on it for support. Jean mentioned that he has another trellis in the works and hopes to have it completed this summer.

Their lovely corner pond was only installed during the summer of 2002, yet already is home to many luscious water plants and approximately 13 fish, including goldfish, koi and one shubukin. The fish are kept in their winter home in a 55 gallon aquarium in the Leducís basement. Jean has also made his own cement moulds and proudly displays the handmade Chinese lanterns on display in the flower beds.

Wanting to conserve on water in the summertime, Jean has installed a computerized, underground watering system which uses less than half the water of conventional sprinklers, and only requires the system to be on for 10 minutes on watering days to keep the lawn and gardens looking their best.

Jean admits that his wife Carmen has also been bitten by the gardening bug over the last number of years, and now shares in his enjoyment. He did say he has to watch her though with the shears, and makes sure she now asks him before she happily starts cutting away.

All in all, what better way is there to relax than to spend time in such a lovely backyard.


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