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Val started to garden when the first seed she planted, actually grew....and the rest, as they say, is history. Many years of self-teaching and immersing herself in gardening books helped her get to where she is today. Val also says an elderly English friend, a whiz at gardening, guided and taught her what she needed to know. Over the years Val and her husband Omer, have become a team. They put their beautiful pond in a few years back, which they say has been the inspiration for the whole garden. As most gardeners will attest to, their pond started off small and gets larger every year. Omer is now working on the second pond which will flow into the first. Words canít describe how it looks to the eye, and the sounds around it are so soothing you just want to sit and relax. Unfortunately, most gardeners donít get to do that too often. Val says just walking by seems to be enough for her though, as is watching her granddaughter Mariah, sit and enjoy the afternoon sunshine.

Thereís a bridge that extends across the pond, which offers a birdís eye view of the very productive fish which Val and Omer bring in for the winter. The rest of the yard is quite breathtaking, as you can tell from the lovely pictures. Since they built in 1989, the trees have matured to great heights and provide wonderful shade on those warm summer afternoons. Wandering through this wonderful paradise, you come upon beautiful flower beds of every shape and size you can imagine. The sitting areas are also expanding to take full advantage of the lovely views. Over the years the Lemieuxís garden has become a favourite of wedding couples. They say that each year more and more couples take advantage of the beautiful setting. It's no wonder that Val and Omer's garden took First place in Communities In Bloom 2001.

Each year Val plants something new, and just like the very first seed that grew for her, she can hardly wait to see things grow.

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