Anne Unwin



For the past 18 years, since moving from Levack, Anne and her husband Doug have worked their magic on a lovely property in Pine Crest. Backing onto greenspace, they not only get the usual garden visitors, but have also had bears and wolves pass through their yard.

The lovely pond was the result of a trip to Cuba in 1994. Doug, who loves woodworking, fell in love with the thatched cabanas in Cuba, and told Anne that if he could build one for their backyard, then Anne could have her pond. It didn't take Anne long to jump on this idea and the results are beautiful. Doug has made all the wooden accents you see in their yard, along with a new pond bridge that was added last summer.

The pond is approximately 20" deep and they keep 13 Goldfish along with 2 Koi. When first added, the Koi were only minnow size and are now 12-15" in length. During the winter months Doug keeps the fish in a 110 gallon aquarium in their basement.

Anne also has worked at the Hanmer Food Bank since 1994, and in her "spare" time, manages to water the plants at Science North every Monday.


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