Kirwan Proposes Plan to Increase Long Term Care
Facilities By 264 beds by the end of 2016


Date:                     October 3, 2014

To:                        Media

From:                    Robert Kirwan
                             Candidate for Councillor of Ward 5

Re:                       Kirwan Proposes Plan to Increase Long Term Care Facilities By 264 beds by the end of 2016


The City of Greater Sudbury is approaching a crisis in the area of assisted-living and long term care services for our senior citizens. We have an urgent need for more facilities that will allow our seniors to maintain the highest quality of high of life possible during their final years. We owe it to our seniors to provide them with a lifestyle which includes a medical regime consistent with their needs and allows them to live with dignity. Unfortunately, we have not been successful in encouraging enough interest from the private sector to provide for our needs.

Therefore, I will be proposing to City Council that the City of Greater Sudbury undertake to build two new 132 unit facilities which will provide a combination of assisted-living and long term care options for seniors currently living in our community. Further I will be proposing that these two facilities be developed simultaneously and open by end of 2016.

I will be submitting a plan to City Council whereby the City of Greater Sudbury will build and own these facilities while entering into a lease-to-own agreement with a private sector provider which will generate enough money to service the principal and interest payments on the financing needed to develop the establishments. This will be a break-even arrangement on the part of the city which will allow the private sector provider with a sufficient return on investment to make this a worthwhile venture.

There are a number of private sector companies that are making a profit running senior long term care homes, but they have been reluctant to develop in the Greater Sudbury Area. Therefore, if funding and getting through the backlog of red tape has been a problem; the City of Greater Sudbury can build the facilities on city-owned land and fast-track the process. We will build the kind of facility that will allow our seniors to enjoy appropriate accommodation and the kind of care that will provide them with a dignified healthy lifestyle and a level of medical assistance that is suited to their needs.

This one of those areas or responsibility where City Council cannot afford to wait any longer to take action. We have a responsibility to our seniors, and while we will do whatever we can to help them remain in their homes and apartments as long as they are able to care for themselves, there comes a time when long-term care may be necessary. There must be some place for them to go when that time comes and since the private sector has been reluctant to invest in this kind of facility, then the City of Greater Sudbury must provide it. We cannot sit back and wash our hands of this problem or hope that it will go away. The plan I am proposing will mean no increase in taxes and in fact will free up many current homes and apartments in the area allowing for a greater influx of new residents and hence help stimulate our entire economy.

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