Kirwan Proposes Increased Police Services in Outlying Areas


Date:                     October 10, 2014

To:                        Media

From:                    Robert Kirwan
                             Candidate for Councillor of Ward 5

Re:                        Kirwan Proposes Increased Police Services In Outlying Areas

I will be proposing to City Council that we approve whatever is needed in order to  provide an enhanced level of police protection in outlying communities such as Valley East. This summer we have had a rash of incidents that have included assaults on young persons; breaking into vehicles parked in driveways; theft of property left in yards; and vandalism in general. Lately we have had two armed robberies of gas stations and a home invasion.

Most of these acts have taken place at night, often after midnight, when the perpetrators can hide under the cloak of darkness. Therefore, I would like to provide the Greater Sudbury Police Services with the resources to enable more night time patrols in order to spot this kind of criminal activity while it is taking place and also to be able to respond more quickly when reports are called in. If necessary, I would also like to provide funding to pay for Citizens on Patrol to be out in their vehicles patrolling the streets all night long in order to protect our residents.

Part of the strategy should include a comprehensive public awareness campaign, which will include visits by police to all secondary school classes, so that the police can help all of our young people understand the consequences of getting involved in any of these illegal activities. It should also include more wide-spread communication to though local media and social media outlets so that adults two understand the consequences of being caught performing or aiding in these actions. The criminals are not just young people. There are adults committing these crimes as well.

I am appalled with the increase in criminal activity that has gone on this summer. In my opinion we still have a very safe community, but we want it to stay that way and must stop this trend immediately. City Council should work closely with the Greater Sudbury Police Department and we should approve whatever they recommend will help us deal with this latest rash of crime.

We can promote the City of Greater Sudbury all we want, but if the local residents feel too frightened to open their doors during Halloween, are afraid of having their possessions stolen out of their vehicles or their yard, or of facing an armed robber while working in our local gas stations, then all of that promotion will be wasted.

I want to provide the police with the tools they need to stop this wave of crime that we have seen this summer in the Valley and I imagine that the same things are going on elsewhere in the City of Greater Sudbury.

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