Caroline Speaks To Dozens Of Local Residents At The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre

Before I begin sharing with you, I want to HUMBLY THANK all who visited my table the last two weekends at the Hanmer Mall.  It was wonderful doing mini voiceprints, meeting your “INDIGO KIDS”, and sharing a tear or two with young and ‘old’ alike.  It was what I call, ‘a slice of life.’  Thank you.

Thank you also to Val Mazucca who makes it possible for members of our community to share the way we do and to Robert Kirwan’s support on many fronts, for all of us.

Now … The Offering

Did you enjoy last week’s article on VoiceBio? I hope you found it educational and that it made you see your life and health in a new and, for some, unusual way.  I had planned to show you how sound affects the emotional aspects of your body but that’s not what I REALLY want to do.

What I REALLY want to do is have some fun and help you do the same as well as comment on the true reason for this holiday while attempting to remain ‘politically correct.’

Click on the link below to open a Word Document which consists of Caroline's Weekly Newsletter for December 27, 2005.

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