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bulletThere Are Two Primary Choices In Life: To Accept Conditions As They Exist, or Accept Responsibility For Changing Them
There are certain things you stumble across in this life that hit you like a brick. A few weeks ago I saw the quotation above and it almost knocked me over. It was on one of those days when I was questioning whether or not I was making any difference at all in the things I was doing. More>>>>
bulletOpening of Hart Department Store Is A Perfect Example of The Tipping Point Philosophy
The Tipping Point philosophy is based on the belief that changes in behaviour or perception can reach a critical mass and then suddenly create a whole new reality. The most important thing in trying to analyse whether something is at the verge of a tipping point is whether it (an event) causes people to reframe an issue. More>>>>
bulletCelebration 2004 - More Than Just A Birthday Party
"A special invitation to all residents of Valley East to join together in celebrating a hundred years of history as we take a giant leap into a bright and exciting future!" More >>>>
bulletWe're all in This Together
Let's Use The Community Circle of Support
By reaching out to help each other - that is with residents who are willing to support local businesses and with businesses who are willing to provide local residents with good value for the goods and services purchases - we will all benefit from the power of this Community Circle of Support and move forward into a brighter future with the confidence that we are all in this together. More >>>>
bulletIt is time for Valley East to take a lesson from geese and move to the front of the flock

Have you ever watched geese flying along in the sky in a V formation? They fly like that because as each bird in front flaps its wings it creates an updraft for the bird immediately following. By flying together in a V formation, it has been estimated that the whole flock adds over 70% to its flying range than if each bird flew on its own. This means that the flock can cover their journey much more quickly and with much less of an effort by working together. More >>>>

bulletWe Need Not Be Afraid of Adversity
It Will Make Us Stronger!
As the community of Valley East continues to struggle in the face of a large economic slow-down, it is becoming clear that our entire future will depend on the courage and tenacity of young people who are willing to avoid the lure of greener pastures in the south. The difficulties they overcome will make them stronger.  More >>>>
bulletValley East Today and The Vision Paper Are Your Windows To Valley East But You Will Only See The View If You Open Your Blinds
It takes a lot of hard work to bring you publications like The Vision Paper and This hard work must be supported by local businesses and local organizations. Individuals must contribute stories and let us know about events that are going on so that they can be covered. Take pride in your community and make a sincere effort to "look through the windows"   More >>>>
bulletCelebration 2004 is a Perfect Opportunity For Valley East to Improve Our Community Image - Let's All Get On Board
Whether you own a business; participate in a service group; belong to a sports organization, a church or a school; have a garden you wish to share ; or if you just want to express your opinions on Valley East, take action now!   More >>>>
bulletValley East's Online Pond & Garden Tour Brings Ideas To Life
Thousands of gardeners from Valley East work extremely hard during the short summer months bringing life to their yards. When you have a chance to visit these backyard wonderlands you are truly amazed at the creativity and beautiful landscape designs that have been created by your friends and neighbours. These are not magazine layouts. They are real, live gardens, existing right here in our own community.
bullet You took away our name...But we want our spirit back! The City of Valley East is all about who we are and what we do!
bullet Let's make sure the choices we make today will be the choices we can live with tomorrow.
bullet Local residents and business owners conclude that effective communication is the key to the future of Valley East

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