Louís Shoe Repair is pleased to announce the introduction of skate sharpening services. You can get your skates sharpened for only $4.00 and pick them up after youíve finished shopping in the mall. Genuine leather belts are also on sale for $12.99 and up. Coloured skate laces make a big hit on the ice for only $3.99. Winter boot insoles are on sale for $4.39 and up, depending on the size of your boots. If you need any of your clothing hemmed, Louís can do it for $7.99 and up. Zippers for your coats or pants will be replaced and/or repaired for as little as $9.00. Drop in to see Richard today for all of your needs.

Lou's Introduces Skate Sharpening

The Art of Skate Sharpening

Valentine's Day 


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