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Our Central Salon location was the former Arctic Tan Salon which is found at the 893 Mall on Notre Dame Avenue beside Overtime Sports Bar & Grill. We have completely renovated and re-decorated the salon so that it has taken on the style and appearance of our original Heatwave Tanning Salons in Val Caron and Falconbridge Road.

893 Notre Dame

Now Available At The Notre Dame Salon

VersaSpa has combined innovation after innovation to create the world's first automatic skin treatment that helps you to bronze, hydrate, and smooth your skin in just 60 seconds. Innovations like a wide open interior design, an EZ-2Breathe™ purification system, Comfort-Dry™ technology, and an intelliSENSE™ control system. It's still sunless tanning but revolutionized through advanced science. Vers...aSpa™ also features three different full-body skin treatments, allowing each guest to customize their tanning application. They can choose from a pre-sunless hydration spray, a skin bronzing solution, or an anti-aging moisturizer. The list of features goes on, and the list of benefits is even longer. VersaSpa™ has changed the face of the sunless tanning industry with a variety of innovations. We invite you to experience VersaSpa™ for yourself. And when you're finished, you'll never look at sunless tanning the same again. The VersaSpa is God's gift to the tanning industry!!!




We have a warm entrance where our patrons have plenty of 
space to take off their outside winter boots before coming 
in to the main area. Cleanliness is extremely important to us and we appreciate the cooperation of our clients in this regard. 



When it is your turn to enter one of our eleven (11) 
tanning rooms,  you go down a short hallway 
where you will enter the tanning room that 
has been reserved for your treatment.



For the Cadillac of Tanning Comfort, try our Super Bed Crimson Tanning Bed with its own air conditioner, controls for facials and private music selection.

We have three stand-up beds.

Stand up units are extremely popular since it only takes half of the time that one would require in a lay-down bed. The maximum tanning session is 11 minutes in a stand up, compared to 20 minutes in a lay-down. The reason for this is that the bulbs are much stronger in a stand up. Another advantage of the stand up unit is that one can get a much better tan under the arms and along the sides.
All of the controls for the stand-up units are conveniently located on the machine so that clients can make the necessary adjustments from the best possible location. As you can see from the photo at the side, the fan and the radio controls are situated at the top of the unit, near where one would place his/her hands.


We have five (5) lay-down beds for your convenience.

Our lay-down beds are state of the art machines that offer the ultimate in 
comfort and performance. We have five machines, fully equipped with 
conveniently located controls, well placed fans, and a spacious change area.

For the Cadillac of Tanning Comfort, try our Super Bed Crimson Tanning Bed with its own air conditioner, controls for facials and private music selection.

10 Minute Cage
  12 Minute Lay-Down