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Do I Really Need Eye protection?

Simply put, WEAR IT! No, sunglasses won't do. Use eyewear approved for indoor tanning. The best ones are goggle types that completely cover your eyes. Contacts should be removed before tanning as well. Your eyes will dry out from tanning and so will your contacts, which can be quite uncomfortable.

How often should I tan?

Typically the best exposure schedule to gain a tan is approximately 3 times per week. Depending on your desired tan level it could be less but in general should not be more. Tanning too often dries your skin and can actually cause you to tan less per session or in extreme cases even go backwards. So don't be tempted to over do it. Most people can maintain their tan in about 6 sessions per month (evenly spread out), after they have achieved their desired level of tan. Everyone is different so adjust this according to your type of skin.

What do the different exposure 
times do for me?

First, you should only tan enough to receive a very small amount of pink color in tender areas that goes away in a couple of hours. If it does not go away quickly or is sensitive to touch, this area has burned. Burning is bad and does not enhance your tan. This exposure time depends on the person and may be 6 minutes or 20 minutes. It also depends on the power of the unit. For the record, the units with a lower max time are MORE powerful. If you go in a 20-minute unit for 20 min, then go in a 10-minute unit for 10 min, you just received the same exposure of light! It only took you half as long as before...and your time is valuable, right? So this is a HUGE benefit to you, the tanner if you do itís for the same price, right? These shorter units cost a LOT more money to buy and operate and will cost YOU more money for the same exposure.  As far as wanting "the max" exposure the first time you tan for the season, don't do it. Typically, if you can do this without burning, you either have a very dark complexion, or the units are not kept up. If a 95 pound man and a 430-pound man go to an "all you can eat buffet" they do not eat the same quantity of food. It's the same with tanning. Your maximum amount of time is the best amount for YOU, no matter how many minutes it is. So don't over do it. If it's 7 minutes or 12 minutes, this is the right amount for you to tan you most effectively.

Lastly, use common sense. If you feel too hot get out of the light! Above all look for a professional salon to ask questions. They should be able to help you tan as effectively as possible and it should be a pleasant experience for you!