bulletValley Trail Masters Announce Winners of Raffle

Ben Robinson on the left, and Ray Menard, both directors on the executive of the Valley Trail Masters, stand proudly beside the float they entered in the 2005 Valley East Days Parade. 
The Snow Canít Come Soon Enough For Michelle Menard

Once the parade was over, Michelle Menard made a quick dash inside to set up a table selling raffle tickets inside the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. However, you couldn't blame her for drifting off to memories of two hour snow machine rides along the Sudbury Trail Plan with her husband, Ray and her two sons. 

The Valley Trailmasters Raffle will award a deluxe barbecue and a colour television set, shown below, to two lucky winners on January 18, 2006 Ė right in the heart of snowmobile season.

The  The proceeds of the raffle will go to the general funds of the club for maintenance of the trails around Valley East . With over 250 official members, and over 800 riders who actually purchase a trail permit every winter, it is a very active group in the community.

   When asked why she enjoyed the sport, Michelle did not hesitate for a moment, ďItís all about getting out and spending time among the beautiful scenery in nature that would otherwise be inaccessible. The trails take you to places you just canít get to in the summer. Places which are absolutely breathtaking.Ē

   Michelle explained that the sport is no more expensive than most other winter sports and this gives her a chance to spend time with her family. In fact, she feels that most riders hit the trails with their family members. A normal week for the Menards includes two excursions and a total of about four hours on the trails.

   You can log on to for more information about the club.


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