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Ecole Publique Foyer-Jeunesse Holds 2nd Annual Terry Fox Run To Remember That Everyone Is Touched By Cancer

The students from Ecole Publique Foyer Jeunesse had a special treat on Wednesday, September 27. They all assembled outside the main entrance to take part in the school’s 2nd Annual Terry Fox Walk to raise money for cancer research. Just prior to the walk, representatives from each of the divisions were chosen as the winner of a special T-Shirt. They all posed in front of the Terry Fox silhouette which contained small photos and class pictures of the students in the school. Grade 6 teacher, Dan Houle on the far left, and Principal, Lynn Desrosiers on the right, along with the classroom winners, put the final touches on the silhouette. Most of the 260 students in the school took part in the event. One of the classes was on a field trip and was unable to accompany the group.

   “The students really understand the message that everyone is touched in some way by cancer,” Lynn stated. “When the teachers talked to their classes to prepare them for the Terry Fox Walk, most of the children knew someone in their family who had cancer.”

   In fact, the students took a letter home with them to explain to parents what they would be doing, and each parent was asked to fill out a sticker which stated, “I am walking for …..”, filling in the name of someone in their family who had cancer or who died from cancer. Lynn stated that this helped emphasize how much cancer affects our lives.

The Terry Fox School Run is more significant to Lynn Desrosiers than many others in this area simply because of the fact that she grew up in Thunder Bay and remembers when Terry Fox had to end his marathon of hope in that city. He left a lasting impression on this remarkable educator and she has been passing on the message to her students.

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