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1st Year Midget Says Hitting Is An Important Part Of The Game

   Ian Berdusco, shown with Linda Flintoff, while volunteering time to help out with registrations at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, is entering his 1st year of Midget competition in the Valley East Minor Hockey association. Ian attends Lockerby Composite School in Sudbury where he is enrolled in the Science and Technology Enrichment Program.

   “Hockey is my favourite sport,” explained Ian.  “I play it for fun and recreation and because I enjoy the competition.”

   When asked how he feels about the violence in hockey and about the hitting part of the game, his views were very insightful.

   “Checking is an important part of the game and even though I am one of the smaller players in the league, I don’t think it would be much fun without the hitting.” He went on to explain further. “We go up to Timmins each year where we play in a no body checking tournament. It is real finesse hockey, but I wouldn’t want to play it all the time.”

   Ian also said that once you learn how to take a hit, the equipment is so good today that you very seldom get hurt. He admitted that there are some players and teams that go overboard and hurt the image of the game, but for the most part House League hockey is still mainly about having fun with your friends.

Another Season Of Fun On The Ice In Store For Hundreds Of Children

Veronik Fournier, 6, on the left, and her brother, Alex, 8, joined their father, Luke, at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre as they registered for another hockey season with the Valley East Minor Hockey Association. For Alex, who is entering his 5th year of play, it will be a new experience as he puts on the goalie pads for the first time. Veronik, entering her second season on defense is also looking forward to “scoring goals” after a long summer vacation. For Luke, the most important thing is for his children to have fun. “They are the ones who want to play. I don’t put any pressure on them, so as long as they are having fun we’ll support them and give them all the encouragement we can. If they ever decide they don’t want to play anymore, that will be fine too. It’s only a game.” Luke’s attitude is refreshing, especially in this day and age when so many parents are putting undue pressure on their children to succeed and get rich through the sport. For all of the Veronik’s and Alex’s in Valley East and Capreol, we wish you the best of luck this season. It is a great game as long as you play it for the right reasons.

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