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Keep Memories Alive By Simple Process of Transferring 8mm Film to DVD

Many people were swept up with the fad of taking 8mm movie films during the 50's and 60's. Today, most no longer have any way of showing those films. That is why transferring films from Super 8 and Regular 8 to DVD or video tape cassettes has become so popular.

For just $8.50 a box (about 3 minutes and 10 seconds), you can have the transfer complete and be watching those old movies on your television.

Some clients have the film spliced together in multiple films, so Ron simply charges them 15 cents a foot to do the transfer.

What makes the service provided by Ron Gladu Photos so special is that Ron not only transfers the film, he actually enhances the final product by editing each one individually. "We watch each film in its entirety. That way we can make adjustments for poor quality

and even delete black sections. The finished product is a smooth movie that is much more enjoyable to watch."

You can even have up to an hour of your favourite music dubbed over the movie for only $15.

"We do all of our own work right here in the studio," explained Ron. "By not sending it out of town, we can do your transfers in a hurry if necessary."

If you have a lot of film to transfer, just think...a single VHS tape can hold up to 36 Super 8 films. Copies can even be made for only $15 a copy. These make excellent, unique gifts.

Most people come in with about ten films. This means that they can get a single DVD for a fee of $25 for the DVD and $8.50 per film for a grand total of $110 plus tax. Extra copies will cost $20 per DVD and $15 for the transfer for a grand total of $35.

To people who have so many fond memories trapped on a Super 8 film, bringing those memories to life is priceless, and certainly worth every penny that they pay to Ron Gladu for the key to unlocking those memories.