TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2006

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The Valley East Youth Centre, located beside the Centennial Arena in Hanmer, will be re-opening with a new look and new equipment on Friday, July 7 at 6:00 p.m. Keep checking here for additional details on this exciting new chapter in the Valley East Youth Centre!
Susan Johnston, shown on the right, has been working with the Valley East Youth Centre for over 23 years. In that time she has seen both the highs and the lows. Today, as Chairperson for the Board of Directors, Sue is somewhat encouraged with plans to re-open the facility on Friday, July 7 at 6:00 p.m.. Some funding has enabled her to bring in some new equipment and material which should be well accepted by the area youth. As a result, it is quite possible that attendance will increase and the centre will be open on additional days for the rest of the summer.

The future of the Youth Centre may be in jeopardy if funding sources can't be found, but Sue is confident that the youth themselves will come up with some great ideas and will support the centre with their hard work and commitment. 

The first thing Sue plans on doing when the Youth Centre opens up on Friday, July 7, is meet with the teens and do some brainstorming to come up with a plan for increasing attendance among the community young people. She intends to help the young teens take over some of the responsibility for the future success of the Centre, but will be there to provide them with the support they need to achieve success.

Grade 3 & 4 Students From Ecole Notre Dame de L'Esperance Introduced To Golf

Vic Whissell, owner of the Valley Family Golf Centre on Regional Road 15 in Blezard Valley, takes a moment out to show Veronique Beaudry some of the finer points of how to hit a golf ball. Veronique is a student in Ms. Celine  Hogue's class at Ecole Notre Dame de L'Esperance. Ms. Hogue is watching with two more students, Sylvie Pilon and Steven Beaupre.

Each June, the Grade 3 & 4 classes have been coming out for a two-hour lesson from Vic to introduce the young boys and girls to the game of golf as part of the Physical Education curriculum. 

Vic Whissell has the children take all of the golf balls they need during the session and he personally goes around providing individual instruction.  

Nicole Brunet of Beswick Denture Clinic Provides Readers With Excellent Advice On Combating Bad Breath
Bad breath or halitosis is a common problem among individuals and can range from moderate to sever, acute (short term) or chronic (long term). There are many contributing factors when it comes to bad breath.  This article is about the different causes, from the connection between dentures and halitosis, to medical disorders that can cause bad breath.

  With all the different contributing factors of bad breath one thing is certain, good oral hygiene is imperative in helping to control your breath.  If you think you have bad breath seek treatment, once you can pin point the cause or source of your bad breath the success is more attainable

Part One: Bacteria and Oral malodor

There are numerous bacteria present in the mouth.  

The different species of bacteria are essential in keeping the oral flora balanced in the oral cavity.  It is important to have some bacteria in the mouth although not all bacteria are good.  Once the bacteria break down and die they produce gases called Volatile sulfur compounds (VSC).  If not removed,  these compounds continue to accumulate and combined with the air from the mouth will cause a malodor.  

VSC’s are toxic to oral tissues and can cause periodontal disease, irritation to oral tissue, and bad breath.  Bacteria can accumulate anywhere in the mouth.  The teeth, inside of the checks, and gums are some places bacteria can accumulate therefore it is necessary to keep these areas clean by brushing and flossing. Due to its rough surface and crevices, the tongue is the most common place for bacteria to be deposited.  Thus creating large amounts of sulfur compounds causing bad breath.  Simply brushing the tongue with a tooth brush will not dispose of the bacteria imbedded deep into the crevices of the tongue but will only move the bacteria around.  As Dr. Mel Babot DDS. States: the key is mechanical removal by using a “rake like” tongue scraper to reach in and remove the debris from the tongue.

The absence of saliva can also cause bad breath by promoting more anaerobic bacteria to accumulate in the mouth.  Read more about this topic in the following section entitled, “Oral dryness and bad breath".

Part Two: Oral Dryness And Bad Breath

One of the leading causes of oral malodor can come from xerostomia.  Xerostomia better known as dry mouth is a common occurrence in many people.  One of the contributing factors to dry mouth is medication such as certain heart medication, antidepressants. Some of the most common types of drugs that can cause dry mouth are-Decongestants, Diuretics, Antidepressants, Antihistamines, Antispasmatics, and Puffers.  Stress, smoking, and age are also things that can cause xerostomia. 

Saliva is a very important bodily function.  Saliva washes out the mouth of food debris, sugars, and bacteria.  Without saliva food cannot be easily washed away therefore staying on your teeth longer causing possible plaque build up, thus leading to tooth decay and possibly gum disease and ultimately causing a foul odor from your mouth.  Bacteria need to be constantly washed away.  Without saliva, bacteria will stay in the gums, between teeth, and on the dorsal surface of the tongue.  These bacteria will then break down and produce volatile sulfur compounds resulting in irritation of the tissues and bad breath.

The first step to try and teat bad breath is to eliminate the source. Although sometimes the answer is not that easy if the cause of xerostomia is age or medication.  Therefore keeping your mouth clean and using mechanical techniques for getting rid of debris with a tongue scraper and toothbrush are of the utmost importance.  Using alcoholic based mouthwashes like scope or Listerine are detrimental with someone with dry mouth; it can cause further xerostomia and even further irritation.  Ask your Denturist for what is best for you to use.  Some examples are Biotene and Oxyfresh.

Next, week’s article is about dentures causing odors and how to treat it.

If you would like to find out more about Beswick Denture Clinic or the Beswick Footcare Clinic, simply go to their comprehensive web site at the following link>>>>


Robert Kirwan Explains Why He Has Decided To Run For Councillor of Ward 6 - Hanmer & Val Therese On City Council

   Robert Kirwan has announced that he will be seeking the position of Councillor for the new Ward 6 in the upcoming Municipal Election. Ward 6 consists of Hanmer and Val Therese.
  In making the announcement, Kirwan, who is shown looking over the boundaries of the new Ward 6 stated that, “It will be a great honour to have an opportunity to serve the constituents of Hanmer and Val Therese for the next four years as Councillor of Ward 6 for the City of Greater Sudbury Everyone who knows me is well aware of my commitment to Valley East, and in particular to Ward 6 - Hanmer and Val Therese, where I have lived and worked most of my life.” 

   Kirwan, who has lived in Val Therese for the past 32 years, is a well-known public figure in this community. His positive, motivational messages every week in The Vision Paper are reflective of his philosophy of life and his desire to rekindle the spirit of Valley East . “I have always been proud to declare my love for this town and at this stage of my life I am convinced that the best way I can help Valley East once again achieve its true potential as a growing and thriving community is by serving on City Council.”

   For the past two years he has been the public relations and marketing manager of the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre where he has become involved with most of the groups, organizations, churches and schools in the community, assisting them with fund-raising and public awareness campaigns.
While employed as a teacher with the Sudbury Catholic District School Board, Kirwan spent 23 years at St. Anne School in Hanmer. For nine years during that time he was responsible for coordinating night school and summer school programs where he met thousands upon thousands of local residents. Many people still talk about the badminton and basketball games that took place in the gym.

   Kirwan is also the publisher of Valley East Today, a comprehensive community web site and Online Weekly News Magazine through which he promotes the Town of Valley East and its businesses. The web site is located at www.valleyeasttoday.ca.
   “I have always had a passion for promoting my community,” Kirwan explained. “One of my proudest moments as a resident of Valley East was the day we officially became a City. And one of my greatest disappointments was on January 1, 2001 when we lost that distinction and were amalgamated into the City of Greater Sudbury . For the past six years I have had a burning desire to rekindle the spirit that we once had.”
   Kirwan continued, “The opportunity to step forward in a leadership role to officially represent the people of Hanmer and Val Therese on City Council, is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. Ward 6 – Hanmer and Val Therese, is one of the strongest geographic sectors of the Greater Sudbury Area.  I would consider it an honour to be chosen to represent my friends and neighbours of Hanmer and Val Therese on City Council.”
   You can find more information about Robert Kirwan, including his personal and professional background, as well as his positions on a number of significant issues facing Hanmer and Val Therese by visiting his web site at www.kirwan.ca Kirwan’s campaign office is located at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre.

Former Easter Seal Ambassador Doesn’t Let Her Physical Disability Affect Her Attitude

Eleven year old Jeanie Rochon-Poirier never lets her physical disability get in the way of trying out new experiences. 

Here she is getting some golf tips from Vic Whissell, owner of the Valley Family Golf Centre on Regional Road 15 in Blezard Valley

Jeanie, who is a former Easter Seal Ambassador, was on a field trip with her Grade 4 class from Ecole Notre Dame de l’Esperance. 

Every June the school sends their Grade 3 and 4 classes for a two-hour outing on the driving range. 

Jeanie is a victim of Spina-Bifida, but according to her Teacher’s Aid, she is a model student who accepts all challenges and loves being with people. 

Jeanie was a great Ambassador for Easter Seals during her two-year term and continues to provide motivation and inspiration to everyone she meets.

Vic Whissell has a soft spot in his heart for all children who attempt to learn the game of golf. It is, according to Vic, one of the best sports in the world, and something that you can enjoy playing your entire life.



The next municipal election for the City of Greater Sudbury will take place on Tuesday, November 13, 2006. 

A lot of things happen during a four-year term. Some are good and some are bad. However, every decision that is made by our municipal council has a direct impact on the lives of people living in Valley East and Capreol.

Please note that Candidates have until 5:00 p.m. on September 29, 2006 to file their completed nomination form. 

It hoped that anyone who is serious about standing for election will declare his/her intention as soon as possible so that we have enough time to fully understand their individual platforms.



With New Border Requirements On The Horizon Many People Travelling To The United States May Soon Need Passports
Since Ron Gladu Photos is one of the very few, if not the only place in Valley East, where a person can get a passport photo taken, he is extremely busy providing this service to local residents who travel out of the country.

"There doesn't seem to be a slow time of year for passport photos," explained Ron. "People are travelling at all times of the year, and countries are getting very particular about their requirements when it comes to passports. We do between 25 and 30 passport photos a week, so there are a lot of people travelling from Valley East and Capreol."

At first glance it would appear that taking a photo for your passport is a relatively simple procedure. However, after speaking to Ron about this, it is obvious why so many people complain about having their passport applications rejected because of improper photos.

"One of the things I am particularly proud of is that we are so sure that our photos will be accepted that we will guarantee our work. If your photo is ever rejected, we will do another one for you free of charge," explained Ron. "We have a special section of our studio all set up for these photos with the required three lights so that there are no shadows. We have a plain white background and we remind our clients that they cannot wear a white top when they take the photo. For individuals who have white hair, we have a special "hair light" (shown in the insert) that separates the subject from the background so that you can tell where the hair ends and the background begins. It is absolutely critical that you do not smile, or even have any opening between your lips. Your lips must be pressed together. The photo may be taken in black and white or in colour, but we take all of ours in colour. And it must be the right size with a proper stamp on the back."

A photo can be rejected for violations of any of the above criteria, so it is important that everything be done right the first time. "It might take a few weeks for an application to be processed, so it is extremely frustrating for a person to have it rejected because of an improper photo. That means you have to take another picture, get another signature from a guarantor, who sometimes charges you for this service, and then send it off again.

Ron Gladu Photos also take photographs for the F.A.C. Gun registry, citizenship applications and also for work VISA's. 

  For more information>>>>>

TD Summer Reading Club

Hey moms and dads!  Did you know that if your children don’t read over the summer vacation they can lose a lot of the skills they learned over the past school year? To help them stay sharp and get ahead, get your children involved at the library this summer.

Join the Quest for Heroes TD Summer Reading Club at the Greater Sudbury Public Library this summer!  Register at any of our 13 libraries and receive an exciting reading kit, including a terrific poster, stickers, a full-colour activity book, and more. 

This summer’s lineup of special guests includes Sciensational Sssnakes, Wild at Heart, Les enquêtes de l’inspecteur Sentout, the Canadian Raptor Conservancy, Applefun Puppetry, The Stylamanders, and the Greater Sudbury Police Canine Unit.

Register now to win fantastic prizes such as a mp3 player, karaoke machine, portable DVD player and more, and check out all the exciting free events happening this summer at your local library. 

Search for heroes this summer at your library!

For more information, please contact:
Kaija Mailloux, Co-ordinator of Outreach Programs and Partnerships,
Greater Sudbury Public Library, 673-1155, extension 210




The Valley East Today Weekly Online News Magazine and Community Web Site are being made available free of charge to local residents through the support provided by the following businesses and organizations. 

You are encouraged to take time to visit their web sites, which can be linked by clicking on each of the individual names listed below. 

On behalf of all who are enjoying the feature articles on this newsletter, we express our deepest gratitude to our sponsors.

Beswick Denture Clinic
Hart Department Store
VCCNet.ca Internet Solutions
Sole Mates Family Footwear
Desjardins' Food Basics
Pet Palace
The Source by Circuit City
Hanmer Home Hardware
Stan Thomas Solicitor
Drs. Dunlop & Labrecque Optometrists
Lou's Shoe Repair
Valley Plaza Barber Shop
Glamorous You
The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre

Hanson Family Dentistry
Heatwave Tanning Salon
Fantastic Floors

Ron Gladu Photos
Masciangelo Motors
Drago Men's Wear
Reliable Security
Masciangelo Motors
Sudbury Rent-A-Home
O'Malley's Rent-A-Pub


If you are looking for a business in Hanmer or Val Caron, you should be able to find it on the Online Business Directory.  

TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2006

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