There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Barrydowne Extension highway would be something that would be nice to have and it would be nice to have within the next ten years. 

However, it will take more than just a few power point presentations to the Planning Committee; it will take more than just a petition containing several thousand names; it will take more than just a bus load of people making the trip to City Hall, and; it will take more than people simply saying that they want to shorten the time it takes to get to Sudbury.

The Barrydowne Extension will be built. 

It has to be built. 

It is inevitable. 

But it will only be built if a number of other things are done right first. 

Personally, I look forward to seeing the completion of the Barrydowne Extension. I also look forward to the challenge of helping make this come to reality if I am chosen to represent Ward 5.  I believe I can make things happen so that City Council will see the benefits of this project.


The Barrydowne Extension is a highway that will be built from the corner of Barrydowne Road and Maley Drive directly north to connect to the corner of Bodson Drive and Notre Dame Avenue. Main Street in Val Caron will also be extended to intersect with the new highway so that all people in Valley East and Capreol will have access to the new road way.

What the Barrydowne Extension will do is provide a direct route to New Sudbury for the communities of Valley East and Capreol. It will have an impact on just about every aspect of life in those two communities. Unfortunately, it is not a high priority capital project at this time and until it gains more of a priority with City Council it is not going to happen.


The Barrydowne Extension may not be needed right at this time, however, with the projected growth of Valley East and the mining developments north of Capreol, there is every indication that the need will be there within the next ten years. Therefore, it is time right now to prepare a proper plan and get things in place.

If elected as Councillor of Ward 5 I will make sure that there is a need for the Barrydowne Extension by working on the following:

bullet First of all I will do everything I can to get City Council to order an environmental assessment for the Barrydowne Extension as soon as possible. That EA must identify the pathway of the highway, develop a cost analysis for the project, and identify all of the variances that must be adjusted in order to allow for the highway.
bullet Secondly, I will work on securing the necessary funding to improve the infrastructure of the Hanmer area with respect to water and sewer capacity. Right now the pipes are not up to standard with respect to size.  Developers are finding the cost to upgrade a detriment to building new houses. Until we fix the infrastructure problem, it will be hard to imagine any significant residential growth in the community of Hanmer. All of the growth will have to take place in the Val Caron, Blezard Valley and Val Therese areas. This may not be a bad thing, but we will have a more complete community if we can fix the infrastructure problem. Once the Barrydowne Extension is in place, Hanmer could become a very popular place for new home construction.
bullet Third, I will aggressively promote the development of residential subdivisions in the vacant land in Valley East. In order to create a need for the Barrydowne Extension, we will require a growth in population of approximately 5000 people in Valley East. This means that we will require an additional 2000 new homes. My goal is to see 500 new homes built in Valley East each year for the next five years. Once our population has grown to this level, the existing Regional Road 80 will not be able to handle the traffic load and this will force the construction of the Barrydowne Extension.
bullet Fourth, I will aggressively promote the creation of additional day care spaces in Valley East. At the present time there is a serious lack of day care spaces in this part of the City of Greater Sudbury. Until we satisfy the needs of young parents with respect to day care facilities, it will be difficult to attract them as new residents. Young families must live where day care is available.
bullet Fifth, I will aggressively facilitate the construction of apartment complexes for senior citizens. Many seniors would like to move to an apartment within the community, but there are very few available. If we can provide them with apartments, then it will open up more homes for new residents and we will move closer to our population target
bullet Sixth, I will aggressively promote the Valley East Industrial Park for new businesses and industries from outside the community. If we can create new job opportunities in the Industrial Park, we will see our population increase more rapidly.
bullet Seventh, I will see to it that there is adequate funding for our neighbourhood playgrounds and recreational facilities. These are the jewels of our community. When young families are looking for a place to buy a home, playgrounds are important to them. We must come up with proper funding and supervision of our playgrounds to provide families with a wholesome place where they can enjoy recreational activities with their children.


During the next several years it will be important to work on an "Impact Study" for the Barrydowne Extension project.

For example, a Barrydowne Extension will effectively remove all Valley East vehicles from Lasalle Blvd. If we took away the Valley East traffic from Lasalle Blvd., there may not be a need for the Maley Drive Extension. If I can show City Council that a Barrydowne Extension will prevent the need for a Maley Drive Extension, then part of the $30 million that was slated for that roadway can be used to build the Barrydowne Extension. 

We also must do an impact study on how the Barrydowne Extension will affect existing retail businesses in Valley East. For example, will the Barrydowne Extension simply make it easier for people to get to and from work in Sudbury, or will it be used to make it easier to shop in Sudbury? If it is the latter, then our commercial sector will be devastated, and a community without a healthy retail sector is not a community. In other words, are we going to become a "subdivision of Sudbury" with the Barrydowne Extension, or will this roadway simply attract more residential development from people who want to escape the trappings of the city core? If it is the latter, then the retail sector of Valley East will flourish and provide a solid foundation for the community.

We also must find out where the current traffic is heading during rush hours along Regional Road 80. If most of the people using RR 80 right now are going to work in the downtown Sudbury, or the south end, or the west side of the City of Greater Sudbury, then a Barrydowne Extension will not alleviate the rush hour traffic at all. People will still use the RR 80 route to get to work. New residents who locate in Valley East during the next five years may simply add to the traffic congestion along RR 80 and we may not be any better off. On the other hand, if we can attract a lot of new residents who work in the East side of the City of Greater Sudbury, then the Barrydowne Extension will be used to stimulate even more new population growth.

It is my opinion that an Environmental Assessment along with an impact study will demonstrate that Valley East is the ideal place for future residential growth in the City of Greater Sudbury. Furthermore, the Barrydowne Extension will serve as a connector road to Sudbury for Valley East and Capreol. This northern expansion makes a lot of sense because of the space and geography of this community.


We have our work cut out for us. 

We must do things that will facilitate rapid population growth in Valley East if we hope to see the construction of the Barrydowne Extension. This is a lot more than just a road project. It is a whole new direction for the City of Greater Sudbury. It will take a lot of "strategic positioning" and a lot of "lobbying" of City Councillors. 

I believe it can be done, and I believe it has to be done by the right person. I believe I am the right person for the job and I look forward to the challenge with the support of the entire community.



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