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All It Takes Is One Person…Be That Person!

We are now in the middle of the happiest season of the year. Everyone loves Christmas. You can be happy and joyful and it seems as if all of the cares of the world are put on the shelf for a while. Try to hold on to the memories of how good you feel during the next few weeks whenever you are around people who liven things up with happiness. See how quickly a room full of quiet people can break into laughter when one person brightens up the room. Happiness is contagious, and all it takes is one person to lift up everyone’s spirit. For the full editorial>>>

Keep The Memories Of Your Loved Ones Alive This Christmas Season…  

However, no matter how happy we are or how much we enjoy the Christmas festivities, most of us will experience a few sad moments at this time of year as well. Perhaps it will overcome you as you are gazing out the window into the clear night, watching the crisp snow falling to the ground. With Christmas carols playing in the background, you fall into a trance and your mind wanders to those special people who are no longer part of your life...and you wonder, “How can Christmas ever be the same without them?” For the full editorial>>>




Hanmer Chiropractic Centre Conducts 10th Annual Food Bank Drive

For the past ten years, the Hanmer Chiropractic Centre has been conducting a special food drive for the Good Neighbours Food Bank in Hanmer. Once again, this year, food and cash has been donated to the Food Bank from patients who come to Drs. Landry and Welsh. This is the time of year when people think about those among us who are less fortunate and it is through special food drives such as the one sponsored by the Hanmer Chiropractic Centre that the shelves are filled up for the long winter ahead. For the full story>>>


Being the manager of a house league hockey team requires a lot more than just showing up at the rink and cheering in the stands. For "Shawn" Mealey, shown in the centre, it also means organizing fund-raising events to help pay for some of the tournaments the club is scheduled to enter this year. For the full story>>>


Dorice Dusty, Public Relations Director for Community Living Greater Sudbury, has arranged to set up a promotional display at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre during the busy Christmas season. This fund-raising project means a great deal to the Day Program operated by Community Living Greater Sudbury. The display at the mall is also increasing public awareness about the programs being conducted through the CLGS.  For more information>>>


The Sudbury Canadians Soccer Club is an elite level, traveling club which plays in a large number of out-of-town tournaments, providing the girls with excellent exposure to some of the best soccer players of their age on the continent. Some of the girls live in Valley East and have been products of the Valley East Soccer Club, which registers over 1400 boys, girls and adults each summer. As the sport of soccer grows in popularity, the reputation of the City of Greater Sudbury as a "soccer powerhouse" is developing across the province. More>>>
Some people broke in to the Valley East Youth Centre last week, damaging the inside by spraying the furniture and rooms with a fire extinguisher. Supervisors of the Youth Centre are discouraged with what happened and in light of recent difficulties in obtaining funding for programs, the future of the Youth Centre is bleak. Unless the community shows more financial support for the Valley East Youth Centre, it is in danger of closing. Sue Johnson has been with the Youth Centre since it was founded and would hate to see it close, but when she opened the door to the centre last week and saw the terrible mess, she too was greatly discouraged.  More>>>

With Less Than Two Weeks To Go Before Christmas Children Get Last Chance To See Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a big hit with boys and girls of all ages at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. This year, parents and grandparents welcome the opportunity to take their own pictures instead of being required to purchase expensive packages. For more information and photos>>>


Kwik Way/Vision Paper Novice Hockey Club Holds Penny Table At The Mall

Organizing a Penny Table as a fund-raiser is becoming a very popular way of raising money for minor sports clubs. For photos and information>>>


Confederation Secondary School Students Help Local Food Banks

A total of 1257 food items and $640 were donated by Confederation Secondary School students and staff to the Good Neighbours Food Bank and to the Capreol Lions to help provide for the less fortunate during this holiday season. For More>>>


Beswick Denture Clinic Provides Local Residents With Free Chance To Win Gingerbread Displays

As a special way of wishing all of the residents of Valley East and Capreol the very best of the season, Doug & Linda Beswick, Nicole Brunet and Alison Aubin are inviting visitors to the mall to drop in and fill out a free ballot on a chance to win one of two Gingerbread Displays. For More>>>




How About Using Ice Time More Efficiently?

With the high cost of ice, it still amazes me that in minor hockey games we waste so much time standing around waiting for face-offs or line changes. I think it is time that we came up with some new rules, at least at the minor level, that will maximize the percentage of time that is actually spent playing the game. For more>>>


Forget About Sitting Kids In The Box - Give Penalty Shots for Every 3rd Team Penalty

Have you ever noticed that when a kid gets a penalty in a hockey game, just about the time his penalty is over, it is his line's turn to be back on the ice? So what really happens is that the penalized player gets to rest in the box, while his team mates have to lose a shift. Here is an idea that will penalize the team and make the coach think twice about how to discipline a player who takes needless penalties. For more>>>




Caroline Introduces Valley East To VOICEBIO Technique

Caroline McIntosh was at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre on Saturday, December 10 introducing local residents to VoiceBio, an alternative health technique that uses one's voice print to reveal certain information about the condition of the body. Caroline is Sudbury's first Certified VoiceBio Therapist. For the full story>>>


Dave Bateman of CLOGBUSTERS Recommends Annual Home Inspection

Prevention is always better than emergency repairs - especially when it comes to plumbing around the home. For that reason, Dave Bateman recommends that all  homes be subject to a thorough inspection at least every few years in order to provide homeowners with peace of mind and to catch problems before they become serious. For more>>>


Internet Technology Information Sessions Available To Local Residents

The next free Internet Technology Information Session will be held on Saturday, December 17, 2005 at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. Edgar Lajambe, owner of VCCNet Internet Solutions will be on hand to answer all of your questions about the use of the internet as a communication tool. He will have valuable information on the new Voice Over Internet long distance programs. For more information>>>


Ron Gladu To Provide Information Session With Tips On Taking Proper Family Pictures During The Holiday

Ron Gladu will be at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre on December 17, 2005, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. providing visitors with some great tips on how to make sure that their holiday photos turn out perfect this Christmas. Ron will be sharing his professional tips free of charge. If you have any questions about photography, or about cameras in general, stop in and meet him this Saturday. For More>>>


Sole Mates Family Footwear Has Assembled A Complete Line of Shoes For All Purposes And All Age Groups

Rob & Vicki Cousins, owners of Sole Mates Family Footwear, have done their homework when it comes to providing for the footcare needs of the entire family. A brief tour of their store in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre will show you just a sample of the wide variety of products that they have assembled. For More>>>




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