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FANTASTIC FLOORS Introduces Quality ‘Roll Ends’ At The Best Prices In The City!

   Ron Pedneault, owner of Fantastic Floors, located in the Valley Bingo Plaza in Val Caron, and his Sales Manager, Andy Szanto, are shown above examining a new shipment of “roll ends” that have just arrived at the store.
   Now that we have entered the spring season and people have been opening up their cottages, many of Ron’s customers have been asking him if he would search out “roll ends” that could be used for seasonal dwellings.
   “We’ve always made it perfectly clear that Fantastic Floors was in business to provide what our local customers need,” explained Ron. “So when we heard that there was a need for roll ends, we decided to search out the suppliers.”
   The biggest challenge facing Ron and Andy was not in finding roll ends at low prices. There are plenty of roll ends available from manufacturers at bargain basement prices. However, the tremendous support Ron has experienced since opening on October 1, 2005 has been a direct result of his commitment to quality – not only in the level of service he provides to his customers, or in his guarantee lowest prices, but also in the quality of his products. It has been the mix of service, quality and prices that has quickly moved FANTASTIC FLOORS to the head of the class when it comes to the flooring business.

   “I am not interested in a one-time sale,” Ron emphasized. “I want my customers to keep coming back to me for all of their flooring needs, and I want them to tell their family and friends about us. That means that when you come through our doors, you can be certain that you will be given the kind of treatment that will make you happy you dropped in. You will leave here knowing that your business is important to us and that we will take good care of you.”

   “So I did not just go out to find roll ends. I will only buy roll ends of quality carpeting. And I will only buy those products if I can keep my prices lower than any other flooring outlet in the entire City of Greater Sudbury ,” stated Ron with pride. “I guarantee that you won’t find anyone who can beat our prices on the roll ends I have in stock. Furthermore, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the carpeting you get from our roll ends.”

   After spending over 30 years working in the flooring business on everything from installing to sales and management, Ron has found that the transition to owning and operating his own store has been extremely satisfying.
   “There are a lot of stores in the area selling flooring products,” explained Ron. “You can get hardwood, laminate, ceramic tiles, and carpeting from many other places, so at FANTASTIC FLOORS we know that we have to go out of our way to offer our customers that ‘something extra’ that they may not be able to find elsewhere. It’s that ‘something extra’ that makes us different.”

   FANTASTIC FLOORS, is open Monday to Wednesday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ; open late until 9 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays, and; open until 5 p.m. on Saturdays. 
   We also invite you to visit our new web site which can be found at www.fantasticfloors.ca to take a virtual look at FANTASTIC FLOORS.

Mall Marketing Office Now Located At Valley East Today Main Office In The West Wing
The Mall Marketing Office has moved to the other side of the mall and is now located in the offices of Valley East Today, which can be found beside Shelley Martel's office in the West Wing. 

Robert Kirwan, Marketing and Public Relations Director for the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre also owns and operates Valley East Today. 

Community groups, schools, churches and other organizations which are interested in booking space in the mall are invited to contact Kirwan to discuss the options and make necessary arrangements. The mall is always willing to work with any group of local residents who are trying to increase public awareness and/or funding for their activities. Tables and chairs are provided as well as some advance promotion in The Vision. For more>>>>>


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With New Border Requirements On The Horizon Many People Travelling To The United States May Soon Need Passports
Since Ron Gladu Photos is one of the very few, if not the only place in Valley East, where a person can get a passport photo taken, he is extremely busy providing this service to local residents who travel out of the country.

"There doesn't seem to be a slow time of year for passport photos," explained Ron. "People are travelling at all times of the year, and countries are getting very particular about their requirements when it comes to passports. We do between 25 and 30 passport photos a week, so there are a lot of people travelling from Valley East and Capreol."

At first glance it would appear that taking a photo for your passport is a relatively simple procedure. However, after speaking to Ron about this, it is obvious why so many people complain about having their passport applications rejected because of improper photos.

"One of the things I am particularly proud of is that we are so sure that our photos will be accepted that we will guarantee our work. If your photo is ever rejected, we will do another one for you free of charge," explained Ron. "We have a special section of our studio all set up for these photos with the required three lights so that there are no shadows. We have a plain white background and we remind our clients that they cannot wear a white top when they take the photo. For individuals who have white hair, we have a special "hair light" (shown in the insert) that separates the subject from the background so that you can tell where the hair ends and the background begins. It is absolutely critical that you do not smile, or even have any opening between your lips. Your lips must be pressed together. The photo may be taken in black and white or in colour, but we take all of ours in colour. And it must be the right size with a proper stamp on the back."

A photo can be rejected for violations of any of the above criteria, so it is important that everything be done right the first time. "It might take a few weeks for an application to be processed, so it is extremely frustrating for a person to have it rejected because of an improper photo. That means you have to take another picture, get another signature from a guarantor, who sometimes charges you for this service, and then send it off again.

Ron Gladu Photos also take photographs for the F.A.C. Gun registry, citizenship applications and also for work VISA's. 

  For more information>>>>>

Nicole Brunet of Beswick Denture Clinic Provides Readers With Series of Articles on Combating Bad Breath
Bad breath or halitosis is a common problem among individuals and can range from moderate to sever, acute (short term) or chronic (long term). There are many contributing factors when it comes to bad breath.  During the next few weeks I will be writing on the different causes, from the connection between dentures and halitosis, to medical disorders that can cause bad breath.

  With all the different contributing factors of bad breath one thing is certain, good oral hygiene is imperative in helping to control your breath.  If you think you have bad breath seek treatment, once you can pin point the cause or source of your bad breath the success is more attainable.

  Look for next weeks article when we talk about how bacteria and the oral cavity play a large role in bad breath.

If you would like to find out more about Beswick Denture Clinic or the Beswick Footcare Clinic, simply go to their comprehensive web site at the following link>>>>

Masciangelo Motors Changing Appearance of Lot To Provide More Space To Display On-Site Vehicles
Anyone who knows Ron Masciangelo will not be surprised to discover who the driver is in this loader.

When Ron is not selling cars, finding cars or driving around in one of his own classic cars, he can often be found enjoying time behind the wheel of one of his "big toys" to which it is often referred.

Here, Ron is leveling out some 60 loads of crushed gravel to expand and improve the looks of the Falconbridge location of Masciangelo Motors. The landscaping will allow him to bring in and showcase far more vehicles and will also add to the appearance of the lot which can be viewed by thousands of people each day as they drive past. When completed and everything is dried up properly, Masciangelo Motors will indeed offer customers the ultimate experience when it comes to finding a quality pre-owned vehicle that is just right for them.

Ron Masciangelo is a familiar name in the car business around Greater Sudbury. This has been his career since 1974, and it has been his son, Jeff’s, since he was “old enough to wash cars”.

Masciangelo Motors was created in 1993 and since then this family run business has developed a solid reputation for selling quality pre-owned vehicles at an affordable price. The number of return customers is proof positive that people are satisfied with the products they purchase from Masciangelo Motors.

You can find out much more by visiting the Masciangelo Motors web site at www.masciangelomotors.com


"Buying a purse today is not an easy matter," explains Laurna Lynn Mills, Manager of the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre location of Sole Mates Family Footwear. "That is why we carry such a wide variety of handbags, clutches and wallets in the store."

Laurna pointed out that there are three main reasons why a person will want to buy a purse:

FASHION BAGS, or what Laurna calls "Fun Bags", are the kind of handbags that a person may simply purchase "just for the fun of it". 

"When a women considers buying a fashion bag, she is usually looking for a way to pick her spirits up. It feels good to buy a new purse that matches your personality or that matches the way you feel at the time," explained Laurna who is shown holding a Louis Vaton Replica in the photo above. "I know some women who have dozens of these fashion bags in their closets and they just take the one that suits the way they feel at the time. We have them ranging in price from $14.99 to $49.99, so they are affordable and just plain 'fun' to buy."

FINE LEATHER BAGS, are much more durable. The ones that are carried by Sole Mates Family Footwear are made by Jonelle, Cabrelli, Bagatique and Fiona. "The fine-leather bags are softer, more durable and last longer than other leathers that are of an inferior quality," stated Laurna. "Even the hardware is a superior quality. Women tend to have one or two of these purses that they use most of the time. They are a bit more practical and tend to fit in where ever you go. We sell a lot of these that range from $39 to as high as $129."

EVENING CLUTCHES are the kind of bags that one would purchase for special events such as parties, graduations, weddings, etc. "We have a rainbow of colours and styles of these kind of purses that will match any outfit that you are wearing," said Laurna. "This is a necessary accessory that adds brilliance to an evening dress. If you are going anywhere fancy, you just have to pick the right handbag and we have them ranging in price from $19.99 to $29.99."

Whether you are buying a purse to match your personality, your lifestyle or your evening dress, it appears as if you can't go wrong by stopping by to talk to Laurna or the rest of the staff or just to look over their stock. Over 1000 satisfied customers in Valley East and Capreol are already carrying handbags that were once on display at Sole Mates Family Footwear.

Visit the Sole Mates web site at www.solematesfamilyfootwear.ca

After Decades of Providing Shade, Perhaps It Is Time To Get Rid Of Those Huge Poplars Before Someone Gets Hurt
Several decades ago, when the town of Valley East was expanding rapidly and new subdivisions were going up all over the community, the 'poplar' was considered one of the best trees to plant because it grows very quickly and can rapidly enhance your property by providing shade within a couple of years.

These very same poplar trees that were planted 20 or 30 years ago pose a serious hazard to property and people now that they have grown to 80 feet or more and are at risk of rotting and breaking off.

The three trees being removed in the photo to the right pose just such risk. In fact, every time there was some kind of strong wind during the past few years, it was not unusual to find the odd large branch on the ground around these trees. So, this spring,  the property owner decided to take preventative measures and hire a professional company to take the trees down before any major damage could occur.

Because of their proximity to the two adjacent houses, as well as the fact that all three trees were in excess of 80 feet high, it took almost two full days of work by a crew of trained professionals to take the trees down.

Matt Marleau, co-owner of McGuire's Tree Guys Ltd. indicated that jobs like this are what demonstrate just how skilled the specialists must be in order to dismantle a tree, piece by piece without doing any damage to the houses or property in the vicinity.

In the photo, you can see one of the workers using a boom bucket to work on the closest tree. However, the other two trees on the far side were too far away to get at with the boom truck. Hence, Allan, a summer student who is training to become an arborist at Sir Sanford Fleming College, was forced to scale the trees, cut the branches and have them lowered to the ground.  You can just see Allan working his way up the 2nd tree in the photo.

Marleau indicated that removing large trees from residential lots is a huge part of their summer business schedule. "We don't even have to advertise much. Every time we are doing a job like this one, dozens of cars stop by to ask for a business card and a free quote. We are schedule for a couple of weeks in advance all summer long.

All residents of Valley East and Capreol should examine the tall trees they have on their property. A strong wind may be all it takes to weaken an already damaged or rotten tree. The next branch may fall on your house. Worse still, it could fall on an unsuspecting child who just may be in the neighbourhood playing.

If you have any questions, or wish to receive a free quote on your job, give Matt a call at (705) 897-1184.

Long Distance Calling????  Interested in Voice Over Internet Technology??? Need Your Computer Repaired???
Edgar Lajambe, is a 30-year old life-long resident of Hanmer. His passion for computers and information technology goes back to a high school co-op placement he had in 1994 with a company called the AMS Group. When he graduated from St. Charles College he discovered that there were a lot of people who kept coming to him for computer repairs and consulting, so he formed his own company, Valley Computers & Consulting.

   When VoIP (Voice over Internet Technology) was first introduced to Sudbury , Edgar saw this as the future of communication and immediately jumped on board; studying everything there is to know about the technology. As a result, he formed another division of his company, called VCCNet.ca Internet Solutions, which deals with long-distance discount calling and the use of the internet for communication purposes.

   Edgar has joined forces with another locally owned firm, Infocom Canada Business Consultants Inc. which operates Valley East Today, a marketing & public relations company which publishes a community web site and weekly online news magazine.

    “The cost of long distance calling has always been a detriment to people living in the north,” Edgar explained when asked why he feels so strongly about the communication services he now provides to the community. “I know so many of my friends and acquaintances who have children or parents living in other parts of Ontario . They would love the chance to talk to them more often by phone, but long distance charges really cut into the budget; especially for seniors who would love to talk to grandchildren, or parents who have children away at university or college.”

   “Once people find out how easy it is to switch over to my plan, and they realize that there is absolutely no risk or long-term commitment – that all they get is the freedom to talk on the phone to anyone in Ontario for as long as they want for one low price of $15.95 a month, they are sold,” Edgar went on.

   Edgar also repairs and programs individual computers for both commercial and residential use. You can drop in and see him at his office in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, or he will come directly to your home or office.

   Whatever you are looking for, give Edgar a call at 670-4039 or you can go to his web site at www.vccnet.ca and see how he can meet your needs.  

Keep This Number Handy In Case You Need Formal Wear In A Hurry
Rudy Mazzuca, owner of Drago's Men's Wear in Capreol, has been in the clothing business since he began working out of his popular Young Street store at the age of 15 for his father.  For More>>>>
Residential Security Systems Have Never Made More Sense Nor Been So Economical
Barry Blais, owner of Reliable Security in Sudbury, suggests that now is the time for all home owners to give serious consideration to the installation of a home security system.  For more>>>>
Glamorous You School of Nail & Make-Up Artistry Now Located In The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre
Louise Frappier-Beaulieu, owner and founder of the Glamorous You School of Nail & Make Up Artistry, is not located at will the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. 

This central location with its high profile is expected to encourage many more people to consider getting qualified in this exciting career. 

For more>>>>  




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