Valley East Community Theatre Holds Fall Penny Table Fund-Raiser At the Mall
The Valley East Community Theatre Group held its Annual Fall Penny Table Fund-Raiser at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre on September 15 & 17, and judging from the reaction of Sandra Desjardins, Secretary of the Board of Directors, on the left, and Muriel Lalonde, Logistics Director & Front of House Manager, it was a huge success. The group is looking forward to its next production, "A Christmas Survival Guide", a modern musical comedy which will be running on November 24, 25, 26, and 30 as well as December 1 & 2 at Ecole Hanmer Secondaire in Hanmer. More information about the Theatre Group can be found on the web site at www.valleycommunitytheatre.com 
Valley East Community Action Network Provides Opportunity For Public To Participate In Many Worthwhile Projects
The Valley East Community Action Network had a very attractive display set up during the Valley East Lions Charity Days on September 9, 2006. From the left we have: Mike Lauzon, Valley East Trail Sub-Committee; Marc Tasse, Chair of the VECAN; Shirley Baxter, Secretary; Nellie Lanteigne, Member; and Claudette Lahti-Ouwens, Member. More information can be found about the VECAN by visiting their web space at http://communities.mysudbury.ca/Sites/vecan 
Team Ecole Secondaire Catholique L'Horizon Provide Excellent Sound Services During Valley East Lions Charity Days
There were no problems with the sound system during the Valley East Lions Charity Days held on September 9, 2006, thanks to the excellent work of Team L'Horizon, a group of students from Ecole Secondaire Catholique L'Horizon who belong to a special club at the school. The members of the club who were on hand during Charity Days included, from the left: Tyler Watson (Grade 11); Mr. Andre Lachance (Teacher Supervisor); Gillian Russell (Grade 12); Mr. Francois Tregonning (Teacher Supervisor); Cory James (Grade 11); Stevie Anne Goulard (Grade 11); Danica Tremblay Dhinel (Grade 12+); and Trista Murphy (Grade 11).

According to Danica, the senior member of the group, shown in the photo on the right, "This is a great way to learn some excellent skills and get involved in the major events that happen at the school. We look after all of the sound for assemblies, special activities at the school, and we also come out to community events like this once in a while. Everyone gets along very well and we are proud of the work we do."

Danica is a student who has been actively involved in here school community and who is also very interested in the future of Valley East. Team L'Horizon performed their duties in a professional manner at the Lions Charity Days and were great ambassadors for their school.


Glamorous You Nail Salon Not Only Provides Service To Clients, But Also Gives People A Chance To Get Certified In A Great Career

People who are interested in getting started in a fantastic career should stop  by and talk to Louise Frappier-Beaulieu of Glamorous You Nail Salon, located at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre.

Besides providing nail and make up services, Louise also owns and operates Glamorous You School of Nail & Make Up Artistry.  "We are very happy to be able to set up our facilities at one of the nicest shopping centers in the Greater Sudbury Area," Louise declared. "The mall is clean, friendly, and has a very attractive, classy atmosphere. Those are all qualities that are important to the industry I am in and we feel that Glamorous You will be an excellent addition to the mix of stores in the mall."

It is expected that many more young people will take an interest in a career in Nails and Make Up Artistry now that Glamorous You will have a much higher profile in the community. The School of Nail and Make-Up Artistry has graduated 150 students since opening in 1993, and this is a career that is definitely becoming more and more popular.

When you can work on a girl to prepare her for a wedding or a graduation or a very special occasion, and when you see the transformation that takes place right before your eyes, you come to understand why this career is gaining in popularity among people who want to find an outlet for their creativity.

One of the main advantages of earning a certificate from the School of Nail and Make Up Artistry is that this gives you a skill that can be used anywhere in the world. Many hairdressing shops, health spas, and personal improvement centres are in need of well trained, creative artists who can provide this added service to their clients. Your potential for success as a specialist in nails and make up is only as limited as your imagination. Many graduates work for other salons or companies, but others work for themselves and contract out their services to individuals and groups. This self-employment has many benefits, not the least of which means that you can balance your career and family much easier when you are working for yourself.

When you visit the new location of Glamorous You in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, you will be able to speak directly with Louise to find out more about the school and the elements of the course.

Selecting a career that you will enjoy is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It is something that requires careful thought and consideration. It is also something that you must have a passion for and want to do for the rest of your life.

Stop by and see if the School of Nail and Make Up Artistry by Glamorous You is what you have been looking for to get into one of the most rewarding careers today. Call Louise for more information at (705) 969-0000.

Popularity of "Welcome Home Gift Basket" Is Clear Indication Of Growth Of The Community - Over 165 New Residents Receive Gift Basket In Less Than Three Months

When it comes to people who are new to the community, there are two business owners who tend to meet them all. Of course we are referring to Mike Lemieux, on the left in the photo, who along with his brother, Mag Lemieux, own Hanmer Home Hardware, and Ken Desjardins, (on the right in the photo) owner of Desjardins' Food Basics.

"Everyone moving in to a new home or apartment has a need for cleaning and repair supplies as well as start-up groceries," explained Mike Lemieux. "So Ken and I decided that we would put together a basket of 'goodies' to give as a gift to all newcomers to Valley East as our way of saying 'Thank You for choosing our town' and to give them a hand with settling in."

Ken Desjardins owns and operates one of the busiest grocery stores in the entire City of Greater Sudbury, so he has definitely noticed the impact of new home owners in the community. "When it comes to stocking up the shelves after moving into a new home, we know it is expensive. We also know that those first few days are days when you are constantly discovering additional items for your shopping list. The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre is a great place to come to pick up just about everything you need to make your move complete, so we wanted to say thank you for your support."

Anyone who has moved into a new home; purchased an older home; or moved into an apartment in the Towns of Valley East or Capreol since July 1, 2006, is encouraged to drop in to see Mike Lemieux at Hanmer Home Hardware in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. He will answer any questions you may have about the community and make sure you receive your gift basket. Several other mall merchants will be adding to the gift basket with items of their own, including Dixie Lee Restaurant which will be providing you with a $25 gift certificate so that you can eat out after your move in.

For More Information on the Welcome Home Gift Basket
Call Mike Lemieux at (705) 969-7000
or email Robert Kirwan at robert@kirwan.ca 

If any of the following information is incorrect, please email us with the proper details as soon as possible. This includes any misspelled names. Thank you

Patti & Sean Carroll
from Garson
Arik Theijsmeijer & Melanie Hunt
from Manitoulin Island
Devra Kneblewski
from Burlington
Michael & Paulette Gies
from the Flour Mill
Ruby & Richard Lively
from Sudbury
Greta Lane
from Manitoulin Island
Dave Patry
from Sudbury
Eileen Williams
from Sutton
Sharon Neelands
from Guelph
Daniella Stuewer
from Manitouwadge
Norm & Diane Lefebvre
from Sudbury
Steve Arsenault
From Halifax, Nova Scotia
Dan Rose
from Bonfield
Joan Dufour
from Chelmsford
Dan & Tina MacNeil
from Sudbury
Mary & Dennis Hull
from Kitchener
Tim Ranger & Amanda Labelle
from Sudbury
Linda & Emanual Brunet
from Wahnapitae
Verna Raciborski
from Thunder Bay
Natalie MacMillan
From Cornwall
Claude Corriveau & Denise Levac
from Sturgeon Falls
Steve & Danielle Daniel
from Pembrooke
Larry Mallette
from Garson
Jacynthe Proulx
from Wawa
Linda & Gerald Hache
from Longlac
Dan Blais
from Timmins
Isabelle & Moe Moncion
from Sudbury
Danny & Patricia Laporte
from Timmins
Emilienne Lalonde
from Capreol
Rhonda Gray
from Timmins
Daryl & Michelle Keir-Desrochers
from Alberta
Richard & Doris Groleau
from Timmins
Lucy Cayen
from Florida
Macel & Brigitte Lariviere
from Azilda
Richard & Dawn Schwar
from Sudbury
Jennifer Fournier
from Coniston
Jean Guy Perreault
from Sudbury
Suzie & Craig Allen
from Larder Lake
Mr. & Mrs Dryden
from Toronto
Natalie Brabant
from Ottawa
Mario Herault & Olive Guilbeault
from St. Charles
Nicole Gaudette
from Minnow Lake
Patricia Taschereau
from Sudbury
Cathy & Les Downes
from North Bay
Chantal Morin
from Azilda
Lorraine MacMillan
from Sudbury
Chris Vitiello & Chantal Cayen
from Sudbury
Hector Smith
from Stewart Crossing, Yukon
Steward & Mir Randall
from Mississauga
Norma Richmond
from Sudbury
Sandra Kaliczynski
from Oshawa
Renee Racine
from New Sudbury
Melissa Beaudette
from Chelmsford
Gill Powell
from Snow Lake, Manitoba
Troy & Christina Troscinski
from Sudbury
Ken Lynds
from Manitouadge
Lise & Luc Beaudet
from Sudbury
Stephan McCrady
from Edmonton
Lynne & Denis Robichaud
from Chelmsford
Rana & Dary Hughson
From Val Therese
Shaylene & Dan Dwyer
from Red Lake
Darryl & Stephanie Gilchrist
from Sudbury
Claude & Nicole Dugas
from Ottawa
Melissa Bertrand
from Sudbury
Nadine Sauter
from Azilda
Richard & Sharon Dobratz
from Lively
Dominique & Nicole Morin
from Chelmsford
Julie & Trevor Taylor
from Wawa
Paulette Harrison
from Sudbury
Sue Wilton
from Sudbury
Holly Daoust & Steve Sullivan
from Kirkland Lake
Louise Berthiaume
from Chelmsford
Monique Laderoute
from Lebanon
Melanie Leblanc & Pierre Levac
from Barrie
Rachelle Baril
from New Sudbury
Jody MacNeil
from Cape Breton, NS
Rebecca Stiller
from Little Current
Rachel Chevrier
from Little Current
Jim Sullivan
from Sudbury
Stephanie MacLean & Doug Zakamarko from Sudbury Paul & Tammy Rychlo
from Hanmer
Judy Desbiens
from Valley East
Dana Monzon
from Thunder Bay
Natasha Saradoc & Bryan Jacques from Barrie
Sherri Millen
from Timmins
Barbara Noel
from Sudbury
Lynn Mailloux
from Lavigne
Delores MacPherson
from Marathon
Robert Brunet
from Sudbury
Mike Digiglio
from Bowmanville
Gina Bouchard
from Radar Road
Ray Moore
from Sudbury
Connie & John Bisschops
from Parry Sound
Brian & Barb Savard
from Oakville
Lorraine Brunet
from Blezzard Valley
Tara Hamilton
from Kingston
D. Lanctot
from Elliot Lake
Jennifer Allison
from Sudbury
Richard Grondin
from Quebec
Natalie Pharand
from Capreol
Eric Ace
from Blezzard Valley
Carole-Claudette Pharand
from Capreol
Kim Baillargeon
from Manitouwadge
Aline Woods
from Sudbury
Merl Rochon & Teena Cucksey
from Kitchener
Melissa Haert
from Sudbury
Ginette Trottier
from Sudbury
James Poitras
from Timmins
Charlene Whitford
from Sudbury
John Bouzane
from Georgetown
Yvan Friscic
from Toronto
Virginia Jolivet
from Elliot Lake
Stephanie Train
from Sudbury
Lana Tomassini
from Sudbury
Keith Huges
from Elliot Lake
Daniel Trepanier
from Cambridge
Christine Kring
from Capreol
Noel & Eileen Dupuis
from Markstay
Cheryl Fecteau
from Elliot Lake
Troy Troscinski
from Minnor Lake
John Flowers
from Sudbury
May Sprague
from Garson
Denis Kichak
from Stoney Creek
Eugene & Nicole Duguay
from Timmins
Lisa Gaudette
from Capreol
Rene & Yvonne Carriere
from Sturgeon Falls
Denise & Marcel Bedard
from Timmins
Tracey & David Legrand
from North Bay
William Ranelli
from Hanmer
Corinna & Rod Duggan
from Thunder Bay
Michelle Franche
from Thorne
Val & Ted Weirmeir
from Wanup
Marilyn & John Kosher
from Marquitte, Michigan
Jeannine Labelle
from Hanmer
Josee & Eric Roy
from Kitchener
Mary Beth Tkachuk
from Gander, Nfld.
Amie Maurice
from North Bay
Alain & Joanne Leclair
from Toronto
Glen Maurice
from Sudbury
Julie Labelle
from Blezzard Valley
Aaron Silmser
from Sudbury
Our records do not show from where the following new residents have moved. 
We will update the postings as we are made aware of the information. If you have knowledge of where the following have moved from, please email the information to us at rkirwan@infocomcanada.com 
Pascal & Lynn Lapointe Michel & Nicole Lavallee Juliet Wice
Dan Beatty Julie & Steve Smeltzer Jackie & Eddy Dutrisac
Luc Jennings Lise Arsenault Marc & Judy Paquette
Carolyn Treitz & Torben Rostgaard Brigitte Filion & Denis Rainville Melissa Nevins
Jason Mergaert Lorraine Jameus Teresa Azthelm
Andree & Jess Leblanc Jennifer Del Papa Shawn Martin
Jason Ingram Jessica Murphy Cassie MacKinnon
Diane Vallieres Amber Campbell Tammy & Darrin Gifferd
Therese Campeau    

The Sole Mates Family Footwear Experience

Good Luck Lorna

While we are all very sad to see Laurna Lynn Mills, former Manager of the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre location of Sole Mates Family Footwear, we wish her well as she begins an exciting chapter in her life. Laurna has returned to school full-time in the Police Foundations Program at CTS Canadian Career College. Upon graduation she hopes to begin a new career in that field. Laurna was an excellent store manager who knew how to listen to customers and then find footwear that met their needs. She loved her work and truly enjoyed helping people find what they were looking for in shoes of all kinds. We want to express our appreciation to Laurna for helping establish the image and reputation of Sole Mates Family Footwear as a leader in the community and we certainly wish her the best of luck in her new ventures.

Rob & Vicki Cousins
Sole Mates Family Footwear 

Make sure you drop in and experience the difference at Sole Mates Family Footwear.

If you want to learn more about Sole Mates Family Footwear, check out their web site at:


Ron & Lise Gladu Welcome All Visitors To Take A Tour Of Their Home Based Professional Studio

Lise and Ron Gladu would like to invite you to take a brief  virtual tour of their photo studio. As is the case with many professional photographers, they have found it much more convenient to design a  studio within their place of residence. This allows them to be more flexible with respect to times that are convenient for clients to come over 
and visit to discuss their needs. Unfortunately, there are many people 
who have never seen the inside of this magnificent facility. We know you will be impressed with what you see.


Web Site



Comments From Our Readers Are Always Welcome And Will Help Us Make Valley East Today Even More Useful

Comments from our readers are always appreciated. In fact, many of the changes and additions we make are a direct result of suggestions and questions that have come from local residents through this forum. Our goal is to create a Community Web Site that is a comprehensive reference source for everyone, and to provide a Weekly Online News Magazine that captures the living history of Valley East and Capreol.

We want to thank all of the people who take the time to send in comments. In order to protect the privacy of our readers, it is our policy to omit the names of our readers, unless you give us specific permission to print your name. We hope you enjoy some of the comments sent in this week.

Dear Editor:

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy receiving your weekly News Magazine. The stories and articles are just fantastic and really help me keep up with what is happening in Valley East. I really enjoy the pictures. They are absolutely amazing. It is so nice to see a web site that is filled with photos instead of just writing. Keep up the good work!

Reader from Hanmer

Dear Editor:

We just moved into Val Therese and love it here. I want to thank you for sending us the Valley East Today Newsletter during the last few months. It gave us a lot of information that we could use to help us feel more comfortable with our decision to come to the Sudbury area.

Reader from Southern Ontario

Dear Editor:

I really enjoy your website Robert. I can't wait to read all about Valley East and its people. I have been living here a long time since coming here from Gaspe Quebec as a young girl. I hope to continue living here for a long time. Thank you for bringing my town into my home. Keep up the good work.                    

From a local resident

Hello Mr. Kirwan:
You should warn people BEFORE they begin reading your ezine. "Get yourself a nice cool lemonade and set yourself down comfortably because you are going to be here a long while." I read VALLEY EAST TODAY (VET) each week BUT I don't always take the time to read all the side bars. I made the mistake of doing that today. 
If you intend to do the same thorough job as a councillor in the Nov. Elections we can't go wrong.
Many thanks for all you do.
I am also impressed with all the contributors and their generosity. Can I go away for a holiday and come back as a new member of the community? I want one of those 'Welcoming" baskets. I have also entered the contest and plan on visiting a few of the businesses. We do have s-o-o-o-o much in our community. Your support and encouragement have made us the envy of many cities.
Thank you Mr. Kirwan and all who make the VALLEY EAST TODAY the wonderful instrument that connects and informs us all.

From a local resident of Hanmer

Mr. Kirwan:

The article on Andrea Martin (July 17) was truly amazing. You captured her personality and made all of us want to go out and meet this wonderful lady. It is nice to have a publication like Valley East Today that used modern technology to let us know about the great people living in this community. The beauty of the internet is that we can continue to go back to these articles months from now. I look forward to future editions so that I can read about all of the people in Valley East who are like Andrea.

Resident of Val Caron

Dear Editor:

This is one of the best newsletters I have ever seen. It contains such a variety of information, and since you can go back and see previous issues, it is just like having your own storage centre. Thank you for creating a "living history" of Valley East. This is something that we can turn to for many years to come.

Resident of Val Therese





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Beswick Denture Clinic
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The Source by Circuit City
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Stan Thomas Solicitor
Drs. Dunlop & Labrecque Optometrists
Lou's Shoe Repair
Valley Plaza Barber Shop
Glamorous You
The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre

Hanson Family Dentistry
Heatwave Tanning Salon
Fantastic Floors

Ron Gladu Photos
Masciangelo Motors
Drago Men's Wear
Reliable Security

Sole Mates Family Footwear
Masciangelo Motors
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O'Malley's Rent-A-Pub


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