The Internet Is Quicky Becoming One of The Most Powerful Marketing Tools For Businesses Of All Sizes According To Two Local Marketing & Communication Professionals

Robert Kirwan, Publisher of the Valley East Today Online Magazine & Newpaper and Dawn Larsen, a local marketing & communication consultant who works with businesses, professionals and individuals, spent almost two hours on THE LEARNING CLINIC radio show discussing how the internet is going to be taking on more and more importance in the near future when it comes to marketing and public relations. The show was held on Monday, February 15, 2010. To find out how you can listen to the show if you missed it, you can go to the following link and download the program onto your computer in an mp3 format. Click Here>>>>>

"Statistics show that the vast majority of people go to the internet and check out a store's web site before they go shopping," Dawn stated. "If the store doesn't have a web site, or if the web site is not informative, they don't even go to the store."

The two agreed that the internet is a great equalizer when it comes to marketing. According to Kirwan, "Even a small store can build a very impressive web site that is quite comparable in quality to some of their larger competitors. And when a person is shopping for a new stereo, they will check out what is available at a large store such as Future Shop as well as at the local store in the mall called 'Joe's Stereo'. Therefore, if Joe's has what the person is looking for at the same price or competitive to Future Shop, there is a chance that Joe may make the sale. However, if Joe doesn't have a web site, then the shopper won't even give him consideration. That's just the way it is today."

Dawn explained, "When I work with a client I show her how we can not only set up a very useful web site, but we can also track a lot about who came to visit the site, such as when they came, how long they were on the site, where they live, etc. All of this information is important to the store owner and will allow her to make changes that will be more suited to the needs of the consumer.

They also talked about how Facebook is becoming a necessity for small businesses. If you want to communicate with your customers, you must develop a relationship with them on the social network system, like Facebook. This is becoming one of the most effective methods of communication, especially with the younger generations.

Both agreed that the high cost of traditional advertising is actually forcing small business owners to give more consideration to the internet, which can be used very effectively for a fraction of what it would cost in print, radio or television. There is really no excuse for a business not having a web site today, and with over 80% of all households claiming to have access to the internet today, it is a communication tool that is here to stay.

Larsen, who is the President of the local chapter of the Business & Professional Women's Club of Greater Sudbury, spent some time discussing the role of the international organization and how it has helped so many women develop their full potential is their chosen fields. According to the Mission statement on their web site: "The Business and Professional Women’s Club of Greater Sudbury (BPW Greater Sudbury) develops the professional and leadership potential of women in Sudbury and the region through education, awareness, advocacy and mentoring within a supportive network." Their Vision is "To achieve a just and equal status of women in all levels and areas of society where decisions are taken in true partnership with men, based on mutual respect, for a more balanced and peaceful world." If you are interested in finding out more about the Business & Professional Woman's Club of Greater Sudbury, you are invited to visit their web site at: 

Dawn Larsen has several web sites and Facebook sites that she publishes. If you go to you will be able to access most of them.

Mother of Two Young Children Decides To Venture Forth Into The World of Business In Search of a More Balanced Lifestyle
Melanie Giroux, a mother of two young children, Caleb (4) and Noah (6 months) has been working for almost ten years. She graduated with a diploma in Social Work from Collage Boreal and subsequently worked in that field for a couple of years. For the past seven years she has been working as an Educational Assistant for one of the local school boards. During that time, her and her husband, Dan, have enjoyed life raising their two children in Valley East, where both her and Dan were born and raised.

Now, Melanie and Dan want more from life. They want to enjoy their children and long for a more balanced lifestyle. Hence, Melanie has decided to explore some options for starting a home-based business so that she can help contribute to the family income and still be available for her children as they grow up.

On January 30, 2010, Melanie set up a display at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre to see if there is a need for a Party Planning Service in Valley East. Her party planning services would involve all aspects of planning a party from invitations to decorations to entertainment. Types of parties planned would include birthday parties, theme parties, anniversaries, Christmas parties, baptism/christening, graduations, etc. She would also plan children's parties that would include invitations, loot bags, balloons, cutlery and plates, napkins, games and/or craft projects.

As part of her survey, Melanie interviewed shoppers to find out if such a business venture would be viable and to determine how much people would pay for these services. Whether Melanie starts up the party planning service or not will be decided by the feedback she receives from her surveys. However, what Melanie has decided is that she definitely wants to start her own business. She just needs to decide what that business will involve. You can download a copy of the survey by clicking here>>>>.

Melanie was also be the special guest on THE LEARNING CLINIC, a live talk radio show that is hosted by Robert Kirwan on CKLU 96.7 FM every Monday evening from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. THE LEARNING CLINIC is a show that deals with education and career development. Melanie appeared on the show on Monday, February 1, 2010 from about 6:15 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. She shared her story about how people her age are now beginning to consider small business start-ups as a viable option to working as an employee for the rest of their life. She moved to Valley East from Timmins at the age of 2 and plans on raising her children her as well. After graduating from Ecole Secondaire Catholique l'Horizon in Val Caron, Melanie obtained a Diploma in Social Work from Collage Boreal and a Youth and Child Worker Diploma afterwards. She has spent the past six or seven years working as an Education Assistant and will continue to do so after her maternity leave ends. Her goal is to set up a home-based business on a part-time basis and eventually build it up to the point where she may be able to work part-time or devote full-time to the business. If you happen to miss the live broadcast of the show, you can go to the web site at and find out how you can download the entire show onto your own computer. 

Stimulating The Local Economy Will Become A Top Priority For Valley East in 2010
C:\Users\Bob\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\T9EX2TH9\MPj04003670000[1].jpgThe effects of the strike at Vale Inco and the uncertainty of the future by other mining services in the Greater Sudbury Area are taking a huge toll on employees across the entire region. Retail workers are seeing their hours reduced as businesses try to survive the downturn which arrived with the global economic recession and was made worse with the strike. Even people who have good jobs have changed their buying habits and have adopted a philosophy of purchasing only what they “need” instead of buying whatever they “wanted”. The good times seem to have ended and everyone is going to have to adjust their way of life to adapt toVESign.jpg a new future.

Valley East is fortunate to be considered one of the fastest growing communities in the Greater Sudbury Area. This means that as new people move into the region, Valley East will continue to be one of the preferred locations for anyone coming here to work or retire. It is important that local residents and business owners do everything we can to make sure that the image of Valley East remains strong and positive. If we can maintain our steady population growth all of the existing businesses in Valley East will have a better chance of successfully overcoming the challenges of the slow economy. If you are looking for work, or if you would like to hire someone to work for you, please contact Valley East Today to see how we can help you get your message out to the community.

Businesses & Professionals Discover That Using The Internet Is An Effective Way Of Reaching Their Primary Market in Valley East

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Ron Pedneault for example, owns Fantastic Floors in Val Caron. He has used all kinds of advertising venues, but he still likes to post his web site and profile on This way people can see all of the photos showing the inside of his store before they come for a visit. The weekly online newsletter that is sent out to over 2500 individual email addresses ensures that people will be reminded of Fantastic Floors every week.

Take a photo tour of all four locations.

Ron Brunette and Andrea Guinard have worked hard to grow their business from its humble beginnings in Val Caron. Now their Norm’s Plaza location is one of four tanning salons they own across Sudbury . Ron and Andrea have used the internet to promote their monthly specials and have also posted an album of photos that show people what their facilities are like.

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Edgar Lajambe is a local business owner who can provide just about every service you can think of when it comes to technology. offers internet services as well as long-distance phone plans. You will find his plans convenient, effective and most importantly, affordable. If you have any questions about your computer or network system, give Edgar a call. He provides service to both residential and commercial.

     The high cost of advertising is taking a huge toll on local businesses and professional service providers. On the one hand we are all aware that it is important to promote your goods and services to your primary market; on the other hand it is becoming almost impossible for small business owners to afford to buy traditional advertising in newspapers, on radio and on television. Flyers are extremely expensive and usually only larger national chains can afford them.

   With the end of The Vision Paper, one of the most important marketing tools available to
Valley East businesses has disappeared. Many of the business owners are now being forced to seriously consider promoting themselves through the internet and what they are discovering is that Valley East Today is one of the most effective and cost-efficient options available to them.

Survey Confirms Importance of Internet In Daily Lives Of People
A recent survey done by a major advertising company found that the effectiveness of television ads has diminished greatly. In fact it was found that the internet is coming on strong as a communication vehicle for businesses today. For example, half of Canadians under the age of 34 spend at least two hours a day on the internet. However, 83% of Canadians stated that the internet is "essential" to their daily living, citing high speed internet as their single most important entertainment device. Also, the survey found that just over half of all Canadians are on Facebook.


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