Tuesday, November 29, 2005


This issue of the Valley East Today Electronic Newsletter contains information about the accomplishments, achievements and interests of people living in and around the communities of Valley East and Capreol.


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By taking advantage of the tremendous power of the internet, the Valley East Today Community Web Site is the communication vehicle which links all segments of the community together. Local residents will soon be able to turn to this one location to find all of the information they will ever need about Valley East .


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Valley East Ė A Place To Grow

It is now time to give Valley East an identity that will clearly demonstrate what our true nature is all about!




Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre Hosts Free Internet Technology Sessions

If you would like to learn more about how to put the power of the internet to use, or if you simply have any questions about information technology, you can visit the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre every second week for a free information session.


Local Community Has High Internet Penetration

Northern Ontario boasts above-average household computer and basic Internet penetration, according to a 2005 spring survey conducted by Oraclepoll Research Ltd.




Hold Everything! Iíve Been Looking For A Place Like This All My Life!

I once met a farmer who had lived on the same farm all his life. It was a good farm with fertile soil, but with the passing of the years, the farmer began to think that maybe there was something better for him.


The Daffodil Principle - Editorial by Robert Kirwan

The other day I read a story about a "Daffodil Garden" that gave me some tremendous insight into how some people always seem to accomplish so much with the time they have, while others are confused, stressed out and never seem to have enough time to get anything done.



Roy St. Jacques Collects Cans For A Good Cause

If you live in the community of Val Therese, or if you happen to shop at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, you have seen a man carrying garbage bags full of empty pop cans and beer bottles.


St. Kevin's Wednesday Morning Ladies' Club Is Special

Every Wednesday morning, anywhere from 12 to 24 ladies gather in the parish hall to work on a variety of craft and creative projects to help needy causes in the community.


Valley View Students Discover "Cool" New Principal

If you are a parent of a child attending Valley View Public School , donít worry. Your principal has not been replaced!




Celebrating Our Community

Its Time For Everyone In Valley East To Pull Together and Build The Foundation For A Successful Future

Darlene Bourdeau Wins 1st Annual Pumpkin Contest

Darlene Bourdeau, a 13-year old Grade 8 student from Pinecrest Public School was the only one among thousands of entrants to correctly come up with the correct weight of 368 pounds in the First Annual Hanmer Valley Shopping Centreís Great Pumpkin Contest held in October and November 2005.


Christmas Basket Winners Announced At Our Lady of Peace

Lise Gladu, shown filling out a ballot at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, was one of the hundreds of people who purchased tickets on a chance to win one of three beautiful Gift Baskets which were being drawn during the Annual Christmas Tea & Bazaar which was held at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church in Capreol on November 6.


New Play Centre At Ecole Foyer Jeunesse Means A Lot To Students

This day was even more special since it marked the official opening of the brand new play center that was just installed in time for the school year.


Santa Claus Arrives At The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre on December 2, 2005

Santa Claus will be available to meet with local boys and girls at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre beginning on Friday, December 2. This year parents and grandparents are excited about one big change in policy.




When Being Hockey Crazy Meant No Time For Dinner

Remember the days when you and your friends played four-hour road hockey games and simply had fun. Every day you played for a new Stanley Cup and it didnít really matter who was on your team. You just wanted to have fun. Normal everyday things like eating and homework simply got in the way.


Maybe The Problems With Hockey Today Are A Result of Coaches Being Too Well Trained

I firmly believe that the root of all problems in minor hockey today can be traced back to the fact that we are doing too good a job of training our coaches.



Nicole Brunet Begins New Practice With Doug Beswick Denture Clinic

Nicole Brunet, D.D. has returned home after graduating from George Brown College in Toronto with a diploma in Denturism.


Sole Mates Family Footwear Promises Best Selection AND Best Prices In The Region

Rob Cousins, owner of Sole Mates Family Footwear stands behind his claim to have the best selection and best prices in the entire Sudbury region.


Dave Bateman of CLOGBUSTERS provides special Handyman Plumbing Clinic

The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre is pleased to provide all do-it-yourself plumbers with some expert advice from David Bateman, owner of Clog Busters, who will be conducting our HANDYMAN PLUMBING CLINIC every Saturday morning 


Ron Gladu Shows People How To Buy The Right Camera This Christmas

Free information sessions help the public sort out the complex world of photography.


Heatwave Tanning Salon Is Now One Of The Largest Facilities In The Region

Ron Brunette continues to expand his Heatwave Tanning Salons and now provides among the most state of the art and comfortable facilities with two locations Ė one at Normís Plaza in Val Caron and one in Sudbury .


Dr. Doug Hanson Offers Important Tip On How To Prevent The Spread of Colds In Your Home

A new study has shown that bacteria on a toothbrush can remain there for up to a month, so if you have a bad cold that you simply canít shake, it may be that you are continually infecting yourself every time you brush your teeth.


Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre Is Much More Than A Place To Shop

Each week there is a wide variety of events and activities being sponsored by various community groups and organizations. We are trying to keep residents up to date with these activities through a special Calendar of Events on the web site.


The Cutting Boutique Goes Exclusive With L'Oreal

Sharon Desmarais, owner of The Cutting Boutique, is pleased to announce that she has become an "Exclusive L'Oreal Salon".


Pet Palace Announces The Arrival of Hand-Raised Birds

Lisa Froemmel is pleased to announce that Pet Palace now has hand-raised budgies, lovebirds and Rosy Bourke's Parakeets available for her customers.


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