Tuesday, January 3, 2006

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Reaching Over 20,000 People Every Week

The Valley East Today Community Web Site has been created for the use of people who are interested in what is happening in and around Valley East. Since just about everyone living in the City of Greater Sudbury either knows someone; works with someone; or goes to school with someone who lives in Valley East, we hope you enjoy the feature articles and stories that are highlighted in this edition of the Electronic Newsletter. If you find anything that you think might be of interest to any friends and acquaintances that may be in your own "address book"  please forwarding this message to them. With your help we expect the Valley East Today Electronic Newsletter to reach over 20,000 people each week. For more about the Valley East Today Community Web Site>>>





An Excellent Life Is Nothing More Than The Sum Of Many Excellent Moments

The magnificence of any ‘whole’ can never be greater than the magnificence of any singular detail. Perhaps this is the true secret of life. To have an excellent life, you must strive for an excellent year. Within that year, you must strive for an excellent month. Within that month, you must strive for an excellent day. Within the day, strive for an excellent hour. For the full editorial>>>>





Cambrian College Students Launch Project To Help People In Valley East Find Employment

Andrea Kennedy and Hollie Robitaille, two Cambrian College students, will be working on a special employment services project that will help people living in Valley East actually have a better chance of finding employment. For more>>>>>


Annette Ferron of Val Caron Wins $500 Prize From Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre
The $500 Customer Appreciation Contest was instituted by the Mazzuca’s this year to express their sincere gratitude to shoppers such as Annette Ferron for their loyal support in making the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre one of the finest malls in the north. For More>>>>


Teen Advisory Group Meetings Provide Excellent Opportunity for Students From Grades 7 to 12

The Teen Advisory Group will meet every month as part of an informal setting to discuss what teens expect from the library. They will act as an advisory group to library staff on teen issues; they will provide feedback on teen-related library collections; and share ideas for creating, planning and participating in library programs for teens. It is also a great way to complete your community service hours. For More>>>


Auditions for Valley Community Theatre Are Approaching

The Valley Community Theatre will be holding auditions this week and next for its next production, "Leader of the Pack: The Ellie Greenwich Story", which will play during the last week of April and the first week of May, 2006. This is an "open casting' which means that all positions are up for grabs. For more>>>


Special Web Site Section Will Help Valley East Voters Understand Municipal Candidates For 2006
A special section of Valley East Today is being devoted to keeping local voters informed about the positions taken on major issues by candidates for the November 2006 municipal election.  For More>>>


Ron Dupuis Will Use Weekly Column to Help Constituents Understand the Political Process

Valley East Today is pleased to welcome Ron Dupuis, Councillor for Ward 3, as a regular columnist. Ron will contribute a regular feature article every week or two beginning today, January 3, 2006. He columns will help residents of Valley East become fully informed about the issues that concern them in this community. For More>>>>


Valley East Figure Skating Club To Host Regional Interclub Competition

The Valley East Skating Club will be hosting the Sudbury Regional Interclub Skating Competition at the Centennial Arena from Friday, January 13, 2006 to Sunday, January 15, 2006. This event is held in Valley East every four years and consists of over 300 skaters competing in a full range of age and skills categories. For more>>>>


Dixie Lee Restaurant Announces Winners of Christmas Contests

Jo-anne Lafond congratulates all winners of her Christmas Contests and wishes everyone a Very Happy New Year. For winners>>>>




Physical Size or Skill? When It Comes Time To Choose, Who Will The Coach Select?

One year, after losing nine games in a row to begin the season, I replaced three smaller, skilled players with three larger, unskilled, physical players. My players never again felt the personal humiliation they had felt during the first nine games of the season. In fact, we won every single one of our remaining games. It was the most remarkable turn-around anyone had ever seen. By replacing three smaller skilled hockey players with three big "goons" , and by changing to a grinding, bashing, intimidation system, we went from being the laughing stock of the league to being league champions. For more>>>>


High Turn-Over Among Officials Is Bad News For Minor Hockey

When it comes to minor hockey, there are only three professionals on the ice. That's right. There are only three people on the ice who are earning a living in a hockey career - they are the officials.  For more>>>>




Online Catalogue of Values Is Gaining Popularity Among Local Shoppers

One of the most popular sections of the Valley East Today Community Web Site is the Online Catalogue of Values which features over a dozen individual stores from the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. Visitors to the site will be able to keep up to date with special sales and features from these stores so that they can better plan their shopping trips to the mall. In the coming weeks, the Online Catalogue of Values will be expanded to provide much more valuable information to local consumers. For More>>>


Voice Over Internet Is Going To Change The Way We Use The Phone

Edgar Lajambe, owner of VCCNet Internet Solutions, feels that the way people communicate by phone is going to go through some major changes in the near future. This week he gives us details about VoIP  - the technology which will impact the life of everyone before we know it. As a Valley East Today Electronic Newsletter exclusive, anyone who is registered to receive this weekly publication is eligible to receive 50% off the cost of the first month of Digital Voice or Long Distance Service.  For more information>>>


Nicole Brunet of Beswick Denture Clinic Has New Year's Advice For Denture Wearers

Have you made a New Years resolution to be healthier?  Well don’t forget your mouth.  People tend to neglect their teeth and gums.  Maybe because they don’t think it is important, they don’t have the time, or they may have other reasons.  But why?  The mouth is one of the most important parts of your body. For More>>>>


Caroline's New Year's Thought: There Is A Lot of Work To Do

Read Caroline's weekly column - Love's Open House For more>>>


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