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Everyone at Fantastic Floors realize that deciding on a floor is a very important decision for any home owner. That is why they spend the time to help you explore all of your options so that when you are ready to decide, you can select the best product to fit your budget and also to fit your lifestyle.

After determining your needs, staff members are more than willing to go to your home to give you a free estimate. This eliminates any surprises down the line and also allows the staff to better understand how to match your flooring to the rest of the house.

Most of the products on display can be ordered within 3 to 5 business days, however, Ron and his staff have found that this is such an important decision that customers would rather wait a few days in order to get the perfect product for their home.

Ron and Lee are always ready to help customers with some friendly and useful advice.


Ron Teams Up With Laura's Interiors To Provide Customers With Complete Range of Decorating and Insurance Claim Needs

  Right from the first day that FANTASTIC FLOORS opened its doors to the public on October 1, 2005 , Ron Pedneault knew that he had made the right decision. After spending more than 30 years in the flooring business doing everything from installing to sales and management, Ron wanted to begin giving local homeowners a new level in customer service. And the only way he could do that was if he and his wife, Bernie, took the bold step of opening up their own store.

   Now, almost three years later, Ron is pleased to announce that he has teamed up with Laura Perreault, of Laura’s Interiors (960-8012), to provide his customers with the value-added benefit of working with a professional interior design consultant.

   “There are thousands of products on the market today,” Laura commented while she and Ron were matching tile and hardwood samples in his store. “The type of flooring that a person selects is critical to the image and atmosphere created in a house. That is why it is so important for us to get to know as much as possible about our customers and their lifestyle. This allows us to suggest the best choice from all available options while still remaining within your personal budget goals.”
   Laura explained why she is so happy to be associated with FANTASTIC FLOORS. “Ron and Bernie have created a store where the customer can have a wide range of choices of flooring to complement any décor. Not only do they provide the product, but when I refer one of my clients to FANTASTIC FLOORS, I am confident that they will not only get the quality they need, it will be at the lowest price around. You can’t beat that combination.”
   “We are really happy to have Laura associated with FANTASTIC FLOORS,” Ron commented. “Now my customers can have access to the services of a professional consultant to help them make the right choice when it comes to flooring for their home.”


   Ron has some more news that may be of interest to some homeowners at this time of year when we must deal with spring flooding. “When you receive an insurance claim settlement to replace a damaged carpet in your home, make sure you stop by to see me before you go anywhere else. I am confident that we will be able to take the money you have received and provide you with an upgrade from your original product. You may be able to pick up a better carpet or laminate flooring simply by using your insurance claim. It doesn’t hurt to drop in for a few minutes and consider your options. I’m always willing to talk.”

   And so, as the FANTASTIC FLOORS legacy continues, local residents and contractors are quickly realizing that no matter what your decorating, insurance claim, or flooring needs, you really do yourself a favour by visiting Ron before you make any final decisions.




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