The Community Shows Their Support For Monique Laderoute & Her Family On October 15 

A steady flow of traffic was the order of the day on Sunday, October 15, 2006 at the St. Jacques Parish Hall in Hanmer as hundreds of family, friends and acquaintances showed their love and support for Monique Laderoute and her sons. The Laderoutes are hoping to get themselves back on their feet and start life all over again now that they are back home in Canada. 

Joanne Kinney, on the far left, Jean Somers, sitting beside Joanne, and Sabrina Kinney, standing with the red top, spent most of the afternoon greeting guests at the entrance. Joanne and Sabrina are cousins, while "Aunt Jean" has been referred to as Monique's "lifeline" as she was attempting to escape from the ravages of war-torn Lebanon just a couple of months ago.

After spending the past 14 years living in Lebanon with her husband, Sam Zoghbi, Monique Laderoute, second from the right in the above photo, seemed to have it made. She and Sam had a great life. He was doing very well in the restaurant business and she was developing a solid reputation as a professional interior designer. And then around the middle of July 2006, their world was turned upside down when Israel invaded Lebanon and Monique was forced to flee from her home near Beirut and seek evacuation back to Canada. 

With their assets frozen in Lebanon, Monique and her two teenaged boys were only able to bring one suitcase each out of the country. The Laderoute's were able to secure space with 200 others on a luxury casino yacht and eventually made it back to Valley East. "I didn't even have enough money to make a phone call from the bus station," recalls Monique. "But even though I have nothing and I have to start out all over again on welfare with an empty apartment, I am so grateful to have escaped with my sons. I'm back home now, and I will never leave again."

Monique, who was born and raised in Valley East, is the daughter of Ron and Susan Laderoute. Ron is on the far left in the photo and Susan is on the far right. Her aunt Jean Somers, second from the left, was described by Monique as "my lifeline".

Monique's husband remained back in Lebanon to protect their property. If all goes well, he should be joining his family in Valley East within a couple of months. In the meantime, the Laderoute's are in dire straights and are turning to the kind people of Valley East for help.

Monique is looking for a job as an administrative assistant, executive secretary, human resources officer, or other similar positions. Thanks to Val and Violet Mazzuca, they now have a rental home in Hanmer, close to family and friends, but they have absolutely nothing to put in the house and are looking for a helping hand. This is where the true Valley Spirit is expected to come forward and help put them back on their feet.

Many guests left donations at the door to help Monique build up her supply of general household goods.
There was plenty of sandwiches, veggies, and coffee on hand, courtesy of Ken Desjardins of Desjardins Food Basics. Many of the guests brought in dessert trays to add to the selection.




Several merchants donated items that were given out as door prizes as a show of appreciation by the Laderoute family.




Monique Laderoute, on the left, showed her appreciation to Bea Menard who helped Monique paint the house she is renting from Val Mazzuca beside the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre.




Another close friend, Carol Hughes, dropping to wish Monique well. Carol is the Northeastern Ontario Representative for the Canadian Labour Congress.

It was a wonderful afternoon of socializing and good food. All in attendance wished Monique Laderoute and her family the very best of luck in getting re-established in her new life. For Monique and her sons, it was very reassuring to know that there is a whole "community of support" behind her, ready to do what they can do to help out.

Any additional support would be greatly appreciated. If you require more information, or if you would like to donate any household items to Monique, please contact Jean Somers at 969-2304.


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