Tuesday, December 6, 2005

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What Is Going To Happen When We Run Out Of Little Red Hens?

This is my favourite time of the year, and I know that most of you likely feel the same way. However, at the risk of putting a damper on your “Christmas Spirit”, it is also the time of year when I get the most discouraged about the future of this great community.


We Can Learn A Lot About Living From The Simple Caterpillar

The other day I came across a short article that clearly explained why it is so difficult to get people to change their habits and beliefs. The article showed me that a simple creature like the "processionary caterpillar" can teach us all a lot about life if we are only willing to listen.


Stan & Verna Martin Always Ended Up With A Rainbow

“There have been many ups and downs and challenges over the years,” claimed Verna. “We had five children in six years, so it wasn’t easy. But no matter how hard things got we always ended up with a rainbow.”


Nothing Is More Important Than Time Spent With Another Human Being

The other day I was typing an article on my computer when I was interrupted by the sound of someone speaking a language which I must admit I am beginning to understand. It was my 15-month old granddaughter tugging at my shirt wanting me to play with her.




Valley East Sports Hall of Fame Adds Four New Members

They were chosen because of the difference they made in our community and the impact they had on young people’s lives.


Hundreds Sign Twenty Foot Banner To Send To Canadian Troops Abroad

For the past four years, Ray Bonin, Liberal MP for the Nickel Belt Riding, has been involved in a moral-boosting initiative for Canadian troops who are in action abroad.


Find out why Susan Mydonyk, owner of the Dollar Klub, located in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, is one of this year’s “Secret Santa’s”.
Deborah Sullivan, Executive Director of Community Living Greater Sudbury accepts a $2000 donation during the new Rexall Drug Store grand opening.
January 23, 2006 may seem like a long time from now, but candidates for the Nickel Belt Riding realize the big day will be here before we know it.
As is the case with many organizations today, the Valley East Youth Centre is facing some very serious funding issues.


Santa Claus Is Making A Big Hit At The Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre

Santa Claus is a big hit with boys and girls of all ages. Parents and grandparents like taking pictures with their own cameras.


Now We Know Why Memere Rita Chaput Loves Christmas

Just one look at the eyes of Memere Chaput's three grandchildren tell you why Christmas is everyone's favourite season.


Novice Hockey Club Sponsors Penny Table At The Mall

Zack Yourth, 8-year old member of the Kwik-Way / Vision Paper Novice Team which plays in the Valley East Minor Hockey association, is shown proudly wearing his sweater during the Penny Table Fund-Raiser his team sponsored at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre in November.


Ten Year Old Girls Show What Christmas Is All About

When the girls left the mall, you could tell by the smile on their faces that they were very pleased with what they had just done.


Grade 7 Students From Pinecrest Sing At the Mall For Telethon

Congratulations to the students from Pinecrest for showing initiative and raising money for the telethon.




Capreol's Gary Coupal Explains What It Was Like To Be A Role Player

Gary Coupal was born on September 16, 1974. He  grew up in the little town of Capreol, just north of Sudbury, Ontario. Like any other Canadian boy, Gary played hockey from the time he could hold a stick and stand on skates.


Why I Quit Hockey - Could Your Child Have Written This Letter?

It started when Dad called our coach after the second game to tell him he was taking me off the team.


First Year Midget Feels Hitting Is Part Of The Game

According to Ian Berdusco, “Checking is an important part of the game and even though I am one of the smaller players in the league, I don’t think it would be much fun without the hitting.”



Free Internet Technology Sessions Provided by VCCNet Internet Solutions

Technology will continue to dominate more and more of everyday life over the next few years. In order to help you better understand how you can make this technology work to your benefit, Edgar Lajambe, owner of VCCNet Internet Solutions will be providing free information sessions at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre.


You May Have To Change Your Eating Habits If You Wear Dentures

Therefore a new denture wearer may have to alter his/her eating habits to accommodate their dentures.  For example, it may be necessary to cut food into smaller easier to chew morsels, and take more time while chewing to make sure the food is sufficiently chewed.”  


Men Given A Helping Hand When It Comes To Choosing Proper Footwear

While the average guy probably doesn't put a ton of effort into his shoe wardrobe, an increasing number of men know that shoes can make or break an outfit. That is why the staff at Sole Mates Family Footwear take so much time to help inform men who come into the store.

Opening of Rexall’s New Concept Store Is Another Positive Sign For Valley East

Mayor David Courtemanche was on hand to officially open the new concept Rexall Drug Store in Val Caron on Friday, December 2, 2005 .


Dave Bateman of CLOGBUSTERS Provides Advice on Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is unfortunately a common occurrence in many parts of Canada . Basement flooding related insurance claims in Canada are estimated to be in the order of $140 million per year based on a multi-year average.


Ron Gladu To Provide Information Session With Tips On Taking Proper Family Pictures During The Holiday

Visit Ron Gladu on Saturday, December 17, 2005 at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre.

Heatwave Tanning Salon Provides Advice As Well As Tanning
Ron Brunette, Owner of Heatwave Tanning Salon, is a true tanning professional who is always willing to take time to explain what makes the Heatwave Tanning Experience so special. 
Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre Online Business Information Is Well-Appreciated
Over a dozen retail stores at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre provide residents with up to date information about their goods and services through the Online Flyer.

For the week of December 4 to December 10, 2005

For the week of December 11 to December 17, 2005


Calendar of Events for the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre this week




Introducing A Special Project To Remember Our Past

We are looking for photos and stories about ordinary people who have lived good, decent lives and have been excellent role models as parents, friends and citizens.


Henri-Paul and Jeannette Boudreau

“Windows In Time” would like to congratulate Henri-Paul and Jeanette Boudreau for being people who made a huge difference in this community. They have been excellent role models, not only for their children, but also for everyone who has had the good fortune to share part of their lives.




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