Student Parliament At Confederation Secondary School Provides Students With Real Life Leadership Experiences
Confederation Secondary School Principal, Mr. Michael Mirka, is shown with several members of the school's Student Parliament as they prepare to deliver a donation of close to $250 to be used for Breast Cancer Research. Stephanie Joyal, "Minister of Finance" on the Student Parliament is holding the cheque that will be presented to a representative of the Canadian Cancer Society.

Others in the photo include, from the left: Maria Manolioudakis (Minister of Public Affairs); Craig Moore (Minister of Sports & Recreation); Mr. Mirka; Lee Pakkala (Member at Large); Stephanie Joyal (Minister of Finance); Vivian Ip (Minister of Ceremonies); and Natalie Lacasse (Deputy Prime Minister). Prime Minister Laura Cirelli was not available for the photo.

Stephanie Joyal, a Grade 12 student who plans on attending post-secondary school in Ottawa next year, organized the fund-raising campaign for the Breast Cancer Research Project. She sold Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons and collected donations from students. In addition, the members of the Student Parliament held a two-day bake sale at the school. Combined, the activities raised $236.89 for Breast Cancer Research.

With over 600 students enrolled at Confederation Secondary School, Mr. Mirka feels the Student Parliament is critical to the development of a real "community atmosphere" in the school. "The structure of the organization allows for 13 or 14 different students to develop a true sense of leadership during their final couple of years at the school. We have six different ministries along with a Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. Each year the student body elects their choice of Ministers and Deputy Ministers. In addition, students are encouraged to apply to be "voluntary members" of the Student Parliament, helping out the different Ministers from time to time during the year."

Mr. Mirka, who has been principal of Confederation for the past five years is proud of the role the Student Parliament plays in his school, "Ms. Dana Masotti is the Teacher Rep on the Student Parliament. Each of the six Ministers works with one of the Program Leaders at the school, and myself and Vice-Principal, Dave St. Amour work with the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. This gives staff an excellent feel for the needs and concerns of the students in general. As an advisory body, I can think of nothing that works better than our Student Parliament."

The Parkinson's Support Group of Sudbury Raises Awareness & Money Through The Sale of Christmas Items 
According to Kathy Hoag, Fund-Raising Coordinator of the Parkinson's Support Group of Sudbury, this is one disease that is touching more and more people every year in the Sudbury area. However, she is pleased with the progress being made in the research and treatment of Parkinson's in recent years, which is one of the main reasons she works so hard to increase awareness and funds for the group.

Thanks to advances being made in the treatment or Parkinson's, her husband, Richard (in the photo to the left) has been able to keep much of the neurological symptoms under control, allowing him to lead a much more normal life. 

Their grandson, nine year old Jesse Auger, was helping out in the mall when we did the interview. 

Kathy was selling Fruit Cakes and Cherry Cakes @ $14 as well as Tulip Pins ($3.00) and 2007 Calendars ($5.00). The support from the shoppers during her time in the mall was excellent and she plans on returning in December. 

"Funds raised from these sales stays right here in Sudbury to help us purchase new resources for our local membership, which is now around 50 people," explained Kathy. "We raised almost $10,000 during our Superwalk which is a Nationally sponsored event. That money goes towards Parkinson's research programs."

Parkinson's is a neurological problem for which there is no known cause and no treatment. Researchers feel the disease may be partly environmental and partly hereditary. The public awareness of the disease has been enhanced by famous people such as Mohammed Ali and Michael J. Fox.

The Parkinson's Support Group of Sudbury meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. at All Nation's Church on Prete Street, just behind the CNIB building in Sudbury. For more information you can call Marc Pelland at 674-3160 or call the national office toll free at 1-800-565-3000.

Selling Tickets On Gift Basket For Our Lady of Peace Christmas Tea & Bazaar Has Always Been A "Labour of Love" For Violet Mazzuca
Violet Mazzuca, on the far right in the above photo, has been selling tickets on a gift basket for the Our Lady of Peace Christmas Tea & Bazaar for "longer than I can remember".

While it is a lot of work, and she along with her sister, Lenore D'Appalonia spend hours selling tickets at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre in the weekends leading up to the special event, it is a "labour of love" that she always looks forward to at this time of year.

On Sunday, November 5, 2006, Violet enlisted the help of her close friend, Bea McDonald and her niece, Nancy Dube. Together they continued to sell tickets on these lovely prizes right up until draw time.

"It is my pleasure to announce the winners of the prizes and also to extend my sincere appreciation to everyone who so kindly purchased a ticket this year. The money raised will go towards a good cause as always," said Violet.

KAYLEE LEBRETON, of Val Caron was the winner of the Large Gift Basket" shown in the photo on the right.

ROY'S TRUCKING was the winner of the Liquor basket shown above in the photo.

And, CAROLINE BELANGER of Val Therese won the Throw & Scarf shown on the table beside the baskets.

Once again, Violet would like to congratulate the winners and thank everyone who bought a ticket.


Le Chevaliers de Colomb #1060 Sponsor
Sunday Brunch

Gerard Chartrand, of 2 on the left, was a very busy man during the morning of November 5, 2006 as he took responsibility for organizing the monthly Sunday Brunch at PAROISSE STE-MARGUERITE-D'YOUVILLE. This regular feature of the parish schedule is always a popular event for the parish as anywhere from 300 to 400 people turn out for the wonderful $5.00 brunch special. 
PAROISSE STE-MARGUERITE-D'YOUVILLE is situated in Val Therese, on Highway 69 North. The parish serves over 600 families from Val Therese, Val Caron and McCrea Heights.

Norm Gauthier, one of the members of the members of Le Chevaliers de Colomb #10602, was one of the hard-working kitchen crew. Here he is making sure that the supplies are kept fresh for visitors during the morning.


Popularity of Finger Style Guitar Music Continues To Grow Because of Roger Chevrier's Performances At The Mall Every Month

Roger Chevrier was once again in the mall for his regular performance of his unique finger-style guitar music at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre. Roger will be at the mall on the first Saturday every month from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Centre Court sitting area.  He is also expected to add a few more special days to the schedule as it gets closer to Christmas.

His next session will be on Saturday, December 2, 2006.

Shoppers are always welcome to stop by to take a break and listen to this relaxing music. If you have a guitar at home or if you love this kind of music, pick up an information pamphlet and find out how you can become involved in this wonderful part of the music industry. Roger is hoping to find enough guitar playing enthusiasts in the area to form a small club which may be able to meet once in a while to share some music and perhaps perform as a group in the mall.

You can catch Roger on the Laurentian University Radio Station at CKLU 96.7FM every Tuesday and Sunday. On Tuesdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Roger is host of the show, "My Picking Parlour", while on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 12 noon the show is called "Sitting Back Picking".

If you would like to talk to Roger about guitar music or about forming a local club, call him at 969-1110 or email him at:

Local Residents Are Asked To Refrain From Using Diabetes Collection Depot As A Garbage Drop Off
Once again we are appealing to the general public to refrain from using the drop off bins at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre for the Canadian Diabetes Society as a garbage dump. Local residents have been dropping off a lot of items that would otherwise be taken to the dump. Unfortunately, the people who pick up for the Diabetes Society are forced to take the material to the dump and pay the tipping charges. The dumping of garbage on the site also leaves the area looking very unattractive for the general public. If you have clothing that you would like to donate, please do so. However, any other material is not welcome. If you have any questions, please contact the Canadian Diabetes Society Clothesline Program at 524-8700.

Memories From Monique Grenon

We thank Monique Grenon of Hanmer for sharing some of these old photos that she uncovered from one of her albums. See if you can spot some of your old friends (or ancestors). Click on the link below for more photos.


It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Before long we will be in the middle of the Christmas Season. As you walk through the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre you can begin to see some of the signs of the season, such as the display outside Beswick Denture Clinic. The festive mood will soon take over and we will once again be reminded of all that is GOOD in this wonderful life of ours.




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