bulletThe Daffodile Principle - Editorial by Robert Kirwan (11-29-05)
bulletHold Everything! I've Been Looking For A Place Like This All My Life (11-29-05)
bulletThe Lemonade Stand - Remembering The Old Days
bulletStan & Verna Martin Always Find A Rainbow (12-06-05)
bulletWhat Happens When We Run Out of Little Red Hens? (12-06-05)
bulletWe Can Learn A Lot From The Simple Caterpiller (12-06-05)
bulletAll It Takes Is One Person - Be That Person (12-13-05) 
bulletKeep The Memories Of Your Loved Ones Alive This Christmas Season (12-13-05)  
People Making A Difference
bulletMichelle Williams is winner of Television set in CLGS draw
bulletLisa Drolet Puts In Long Hours In Labour of Love with CLGS
bulletValmont Logs Many Volunteer Hours with Local Organization
bulletRoy St. Jacques Collects Cans For A Good Cause (11-29-05)
bulletHalloween Costume Day At the Mall Was A Blast
bulletHalloween Is All About Family
bulletDarlene Bourdeau Wins 1st Annual Pumpkin Contest (11-29-05)
bulletHundreds Sign Twenty Foot Banner To Send To Canadian Troops Abroad (12-06-05)
bullet“We Help People To Live Life!” - Mission Statement of Extendicare York (12-06-05)
bulletMemere Chaput Always Enjoys Christmas With Her Grandchildren (12-06-05)
bullet2006 Sports Hall of Fame Inductees (12-06-05)
bulletYoung Girls Show What Christmas Is All About (12-06-05)
bulletPinecrest Grade 7 Carolers Sing For Telethon (12-06-05)
bulletCaroline Introduces VoiceBio To Valley East and Sudbury (12-13-05)
bulletConfederation Secondary School Students Help Local Food Banks (12-13-05)
bulletCaroline Has Fun With Her Weekly VoiceBio Newsletter (12-20-05)
bulletRon Dupuis Has A Definite Vision for Our City (12-20-05)
bulletTrailsmen Rod & Gun Club Provide Trout Pond Fishing Experience For Handicapped
bulletWelcome to the Valley East Today Community Web Site (11-29-05)
bulletValley East - A Place To Grow (11-29-05)
bulletIt is Time To Celebrate Our Community (11-29-05)
bulletValley East Soccer Club Provides Venue For Adults
bulletValley Trail Masters Sell Tickets on Huge BBQ
bulletKen Desjardins' Presents $3600 In Grocery Vouchers
bulletValley East Waves Excited About New Season
bulletFund-Raising Is An Important Part of Wave Program
bulletNovice Hockey Club Sponsors Penny Table At The Mall (12-13-05)
bulletWhy Is Valley East The Fastest Growing Segment of the GSA?
bulletCLGS Sponsoring Command Performance in Spring (12-06-05)
bullet$2000 Donation Made to Community Living Greater Sudbury (12-06-05)
bulletClaude Gravelle & Eli Martel Hit The Campaign Trail In Valley East (12-06-05)
bulletValley East Youth Centre Looks To The Community For Help (12-06-05)
bulletLittle Shop of Horrors Tickets On Display by CLGS (12-13-05)
bulletHanmer Chiropractice Centre Conducts 10th Annual Food Bank Drive (12-13-05)
bulletAtom Tier I Hockey Club Raises Funds By Selling Candy Canes (12-13-05)
bulletCapreol TOPS Raise Funds and Awareness At The Mall (12-13-05)
bulletGingerbread Prizes Announced by Beswick Denture Clinic (12-20-05)
bulletAudition Schedule Set For Valley Community Theatre (12-20-05)
bulletSt. Anne Students Raise Food For The Needy (12-20-05)
bulletSpecial Memories For Young Families At The Mall (12-20-05)
bulletFire Safety Tips For The Holidays From Reliable Security (12-20-05)
Our Churches In Action
bulletSt. Kevin's Wednesday Morning Ladies' Club Is Special (11-29-05)
bulletSt. James In The Valley Ladies Make a Big Difference in the community
bulletThe Capreol Pasta Girls Outdo Themselves Every Year
bulletSudbury Grotto Bricks On Sale At Mall (12-20-05)
bulletChristmas Basket Winners Announced At Our Lady of Peace (11-29-05)
Goods and Services
bulletDave Bateman of CLOGBUSTERS provides special Handyman Plumbing Clinic (11-29-05)
bulletInternet Technology Sessions Provided by VCCNet Internet Solutions (11-29-05)
bulletThe Cutting Boutique Goes Exclusive With L'Oreal (11-29-05)
bulletNicole Brunet Begins Practice With Doug Beswick (11-29-05)
bulletRon Gladu Shows People How To Buy The Right Camera (11-29-05)
bulletHeatwave Tanning Salon is Now One of Largest In Region (11-29-05)
bulletSole Mates Family Footwear Provides Best Of All (11-29-05)
bulletDr. Douglas Hanson Offers Tip On Getting Rid of Cold (11-29-05)
bulletCleaning Clothes Is A Precise Art For Valley View Cleaners (11-29-05)
bulletPet Palace Announces The Arrival of Hand-Raised Birds (11-29-05)
bulletLocal Community Has High Internet Penetration (11-29-05)
bulletHanmer Valley Shopping Centre is More Than Just A Place To Shop (11-29-05)
bulletSanta Claus Arrives At the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre (12-06-05)
bulletChristmas Trees At Desjardins' Food Basics Are A Sign (12-06-05)
bulletOpening of Rexall's New Concept Store is Positive Sign for Valley (12-06-05)
bulletSelecting A Good Pair of Comfort Shoes Is Important (12-20-05)

Just What Is Voice Over Internet Technology (12-20-05)

Focus On Education
bulletValley View Students Discover "Cool" New Principal (11-29-05)
bulletNew Play Centre Opens At Ecole Foyer Jeunesse (11-29-05)
Government News & Issues
bulletLocal Councilors Support Ward Boundary Changes
bulletShelley Martel Shells Out Treats At The Mall
bulletWhen Being Hockey Crazy Meant No Time For Dinner (11-29-05)
bulletMaybe Hockey Coaches Are Too Well Trained (11-29-05)

Capreol's Gary Coupal Explains What It Was Like To Be A Role Player (12-06-05)

bulletWhy I Quit Hockey - Could Your Child Have Written This Letter? (12-06-05)
bulletFirst Year Midget Feels Hitting Is Part Of The Game (12-06-05)
bulletSudbury Canadians Soccer Club Sells Tickets On Needle Point Framed Picture At The Mall (12-13-05)
Comments From Readers
bulletComments From Our Readers

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